Topical Index

Alaskan Way viaduct project, cost overruns, Seattle taxing authority to pay for: HB 2193
Bills that raise taxes, amending senate rules 62, 64, and 67 concerning: SR 8658
Federal tax information access, state employee/contractor background checks: HB 2208, SSB 5915
Forecasts, economic and revenue, on February 20 during all sessions: SB 5114
Forecasts, economic and revenue, shifting June forecast to July: SB 5920
Harbor maintenance tax, federal, requesting that Congress reform: HJM 4012, SJM 8008
Health security trust, repealing certain tax provisions with creation of: HB 1026
High capacity transportation systems, certain taxes for, nullification of: HB 2166, SB 5817
Income tax, individual or household, local, prohibiting: HB 2212, SB 5938
Income tax, individual, state or local, constitutional amendment to prohibit: HJR 4207, SJR 8204
Operating budget, covering income deficiencies with subsequent tax, prohibitions: HJR 4209
Preferences, generally, repealing majority of state's tax preferences: SB 5775
Public utility district privilege taxes, local and state distributions date, revising: * EHB 2163, CH 28 (2017)
Public utility district privilege taxes, tools for administering: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Rate of tax, effective, in statements for ballot measures and bills, when: HB 1981, SHB 1981
Regional transit authorities, certain voter-approved taxes within, nullification of: HB 2166, HB 2167, HB 2196, SB 5817, SB 5854
Regional transit authorities, certain voter-approved taxes, for bond retirement only: HB 2197
Tax and licensing laws administered by department of revenue, improvements to: SB 5358, * SSB 5358, CH 323 (2017)
Tax court, authorizing via constitutional amendment: SJR 8209
Tax court, state, creating: SB 5866, SSB 5866, E2SSB 5866
Transportation network companies, assessing McKinney-Vento surcharge: HB 2206
Transportation network companies, taxation of: HB 2206
Unemployment tax, excluding services by persons 14 to 22 from "employment": HB 1610