Topical Index

Accounting practices of districts, technical working group on, OSPI to convene: HB 1843, ESHB 1843, HB 2185, SB 5623
Agriculture science, STEM-based, and partnerships, OSPI role: HB 1453, SB 5318
Assessments for graduation, using college readiness assessments, OSPI role: HB 1572, SB 5202
Board of education, various duties of, transferring to OSPI: HB 1886, SB 5673
Buildings, school, seismic safety of, engineering survey for, OSPI role: HB 1703
Career and technical education, course equivalencies for, increasing, OSPI role: SSB 5853
Career and technical education, equipment for, district grant process, OSPI role: SSB 5853
Career and technical education, in middle schools, OSPI to examine: HB 1898
Career and technical education, OSPI role: HB 1756, SB 5622
Certificated instructional staff, model salary grid work group, OSPI role: * EHB 2242, CH 13 (2017) PV
Certificates of achievement, academic, student outcomes report: HB 1793
Civics education, expanded teacher training program, establishing, OSPI role: HB 1896, SB 5668
Digital citizenship, media literacy, and internet safety, OSPI role: SB 5449, * ESSB 5449, CH 90 (2017)
Driver training education, core curriculum, OSPI role: HB 2266
Driver training education, curriculum and instructors, OSPI role: HB 1481, * ESHB 1481, CH 197 (2017)
Dual language learning, OSPI role: HB 1445, * SHB 1445, CH 236 (2017), SB 5529, SSB 5529
Duties, of board of education, transferring various to OSPI: HB 1886, SB 5673
Education sector excellence assessment framework, OSPI implementation of: SB 5567
Emergencies, statewide panic button program, developing, OSPI role: HB 1284
Employees, access to certain persons, background checks, OSPI role: SB 5605, * SSB 5605, CH 33 (2017)
Ethnic studies, model curriculum development, advisory committee, OSPI role: HB 1294
Facilities, OSPI duties relating to, revising: SB 5702, ESSB 5702
Firearm safety and hunter education elective course, OSPI role: HB 1174, SB 5216
Flexibility schools and zones, designation as, developing process for, OSPI role: HB 1705
High school graduation and college and career readiness account, OSPI role: HB 2075, SB 5758, SSB 5758
Innovation schools and zones, authorizing and establishing, OSPI role: HB 1215
Language access advisory committee and lighthouse collaboratives, OSPI role: HB 1295, HB 1451
Lead in school drinking water, preventing elevated levels, OSPI role: HB 1842, HB 1925
Legal action against state, by superintendent, requirements: HB 1034
Locally determined courses in English and mathematics, OSPI to study: HB 1793
Meal programs, OSPI role: HB 1508, ESHB 1508, SB 5696, SB 6003
Mental health services, coordinator and lighthouse ESD, OSPI role: HB 1713, SHB 1713, SB 5763, SSB 5763
Mental health, professional collaboration lighthouse grant program, OSPI role: HB 1377, SHB 1377
Mental health/substance use disorder, lead staff person, ESD pilot sites, OSPI role: * E2SHB 1713, CH 202 (2017)
Minority students, racial and ethnic, impact statements on legislation, OSPI role: SB 5588
Open educational resources project, including OSPI role, removing expiration: HB 1688
Paraeducators, teacher/administrator professional learning regarding, OSPI role: * ESHB 1115, CH 237 (2017) PV
Performance assessment standards, implementation of, OSPI role: SB 5567
Performance goals, accountability monitoring and reporting system, OSPI role: ESHB 1843, HB 2185
Physical education, annual district examinations of programs, OSPI role: HB 1235, * SHB 1235, CH 80 (2017)
Professional educator standards board, membership, OSPI optional designee for: * SB 5662, CH 189 (2017)
Public speaking, grades two through five, grant program for, OSPI role: HB 1254
Role/responsibilities, OSPI and board of education, new K-12 task force on: 2ESHB 1886
School facilities citizen advisory committee, modifying previous board, OSPI role: SB 5702, ESSB 5702
Social emotional learning, K-12 benchmarks work group, extending, OSPI role: SB 5714
Social emotional learning, summer step-up grant program for, OSPI role: HB 1518, SHB 1518
Social emotional learning, work group for, OSPI to convene: HB 1518, SHB 1518
Special education funded enrollment percent work group, OSPI to convene: ESHB 1843, HB 2185
Staffing enrichments technical work group, convening, OSPI role: * EHB 2242, CH 13 (2017) PV
Students protecting students program, establishing within OSPI: HB 1310
Students, enrollment projection data, over- and under-housed students, OSPI role: SB 5702, ESSB 5702
Summer step-up grant program, for summer programs, establishing, OSPI role: SB 5733
Supplemental contracts, certificated instructional staff, certain OSPI reporting: HB 1684, HB 1843, ESHB 1843, HB 2185, SB 5486, SB 5623
Traffic safety education courses, including late merge zipper method in, OSPI role: HB 2055
Transitional bilingual instruction program, annual reporting date, OSPI role: HB 1690, * SB 5488, CH 123 (2017)
Transitional bilingual instruction program, bilingual educator initiative, OSPI role: SB 5712, SSB 5712
Transportation, allocation distribution formula, underfunded districts, OSPI role: HB 1689, SB 5367
Truancy, addressing with multiple approaches, OSPI role: HB 1170, SHB 1170, * 2SHB 1170, CH 291 (2017)
Violence, anonymous reporting, students protecting students program for: HB 1310
Washington academic, innovation, and mentoring (AIM) program, OSPI role: SSB 5258, * 2SSB 5258, CH 180 (2017)
Work-integrated learning experiences, project programs, evaluating, OSPI role: HB 1600, ESHB 1600