Topical Index

               (See also SOLID WASTE; WATER-SEWER DISTRICTS)
Diking, drainage, and sewer improvement districts, billing statements, information disclosure: SB 6587, ESSB 6587
On-site sewage systems, failures, state board of health rules adoption: HB 2420, ESHB 2420
On-site sewage systems, local health jurisdictions and local program plans for: EHB 1476
On-site sewage systems, rules adoption by state board of health, when: HB 1632, SB 5281, ESSB 5281
Pollutant discharge elimination permits, treating nonagency individuals equitably: HB 2141
Residential targeted areas, in rural county for housing, sewer system requirement: HB 2904
Sewage sludge/biosolids, food grown in, labeling requirements: HB 1653
Sewage systems, on-site, county reliance on self-inspection of: HB 1503, * ESHB 1503, CH 105 (2017)
Sewage systems, on-site, limiting sanitary sewer system requirement, when: HB 1683, * SHB 1683, CH 305 (2017)
Sewer systems, storm and sanitary, extending to rural areas under GMA, when: SB 6516, SSB 6516