Topical Index

Alternative contract-awarding process, U of W medical facilities: HB 1652, HB 1861, * SB 5631, CH 124 (2017)
Alternative contracting, design-build and job order, provisions: SB 6546
Alternative contracting, job order, extending to all public agencies the authority for: SB 6546
Alternative contracting, job order, public transportation benefit area authority use: * HB 1395, CH 136 (2017), SB 5146
Alternative contracting, procedures, repeal of, updating: * HB 1395, CH 136 (2017), HB 2726, SB 5146, SB 6546
Alternative contracting, public body recertification, late applications: * HB 2052, CH 211 (2017)
Alternative contracting, public-private partnerships for facilities: HB 2726
Apprentice utilization, certain contracts, requirements: EHB 1849, SB 5576, SSB 5576, 2SSB 5576, 3SSB 5576
Bidding and awards, mandatory labor agreements in connection with, prohibiting: SB 5168
Bidding, bidder neutrality concerning employee labor relations rights: SB 6082
Bidding, responsible criteria, to include avoiding third strike from agency: 2SSB 5576
Bidding, responsible criteria, to include certain training: HB 1673, SHB 1673, E2SHB 1673, SB 5492, SSB 5492
Bidding, responsible criteria, to include state wage laws compliance: HB 1936, SB 5301, * SSB 5301, CH 258 (2017)
Buildings, new public, cross-laminated timber use, requiring, when: SB 5379
Buildings, state capital budget-funded, plaque requirement: HB 1289, ESHB 1289
Business ecosystems areas and area financing for local public improvements: SB 6499
Capital budget projects, increasing deposits into public works assistance account: HB 1608
Cities, small, funding works via fee for furnishing lodging: SB 6010
Contracting and contractors, unit-priced, city authority to use: SB 6143, ESSB 6143
Contracting, state, discriminatory disparities in, addressing: HB 2950
Contracting, unit-priced, public port district authority and procedures: HB 2691, SHB 2691, SB 6072, ESSB 6072
Contracting, without bids, public port district authority, when: HB 2690, SB 6329, ESSB 6329
Contractors, bonds, disputes involving, award of attorneys' fees in, when: HB 2852, SB 6428
Contractors, bonds, within passenger-only ferry service districts: HB 2317, SB 6022, SSB 6022
Contractors, bonds, within public transportation benefit areas: HB 2317, SB 6022, SSB 6022
Contracts, termination for certain behavior, serving on law enforcement oversight body after, prohibiting: HB 2885
Disaster areas, designated, creating and financing: HB 2048
Educational facilities, lead in school drinking water systems/outlets, preventing: HB 1842, HB 1925
Educational facilities, lead-containing drinking water service lines, replacing: HB 1805, SB 5745, SSB 5745
Facilities, public, impact on high poverty/ethnically diverse area, mitigation of: HB 2093, SB 5725, SSB 5725
Facility projects, public, water efficient landscaping, credits for, when: HB 2485, SHB 2485
Higher education, capital projects, infrastructure investment program, establishing: SB 5684, SSB 5684
Infrastructure, for workforce or affordable housing, local investment programs for: HB 2046
Infrastructure, infrastructure policy advisory team, establishing: HB 1677, SB 5496
Infrastructure, local financing tool program, excess revenues, carrying forward: HB 2858, SB 6177
Infrastructure, local, assistance, value planning, and system improvement team: HB 1677, * ESHB 1677, CH 10 (2017) PV, SB 5496
Infrastructure, local, debt guarantee by state for, constitutional amendment to allow: HJR 4200, SJR 8201
Infrastructure, local, for drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater: HB 1677, SB 5496
Infrastructure, local, for drinking water, stormwater, wastewater, and solid waste: * ESHB 1677, CH 10 (2017) PV
Infrastructure, local, for revitalization efforts, city/county sales tax remittance for: HB 2046
Infrastructure, local, public works financing assistance program, establishing: HB 1051, SB 5033, ESSB 5033
Infrastructure, local, publicly owned depositary for, structure and business plan for: SB 6375
Infrastructure, needs and new infrastructure authority, studying: SHB 2594
Infrastructure, state, eligible low-emissions materials: HB 2412
Infrastructure, statewide authority for achieving goals, studying feasibility of: HB 2594
Infrastructure, Washington investment trust, creating for funding of: HB 2059, SB 5464
Loans, local government repayment, deposits into education legacy trust account: HB 1549, SB 5112
Loans, local government repayment, deposits into public works assistance account: SJR 8215
Materials, out-of-state, contractor reporting requirements: HB 2194
Materials, out-of-state, public owner or agency, project data collection by: HB 2407
Parks, state, capital projects at, bond issuance and sales to fund: SB 5838, ESSB 5838
Prevailing wages, defining "independent contractor" for purposes of: HB 1300, SHB 1300, HB 2812, SB 5527
Prevailing wages, exemption, from intents and affidavits for certain contractors: HB 1083
Prevailing wages, intent statement, failure to post: HB 1675, SB 5494
Prevailing wages, rate of, establishing through collective bargaining agreements: HB 1674, SB 5493, SSB 5493
Prevailing wages, responsible bidder criteria to include certain training: HB 1673, SHB 1673, E2SHB 1673, SB 5492, SSB 5492
Prevailing wages, shipbuilding and ship repair, maritime Puget Sound regional rate: HB 2742, SB 6326
Prevailing wages, survey data from interested parties: HB 1035
Prevailing wages, violations, protections for employees reporting: HB 1301, SB 5528
Prevailing wages, worker wages recovery time period under laws governing: HB 1672, SB 5491
Projects, recommended loans, authorization and funds appropriation for: HB 1392, SB 5265
Public improvement contracts, subcontractor portion of retainage on, bonding: HB 1538, * ESHB 1538, CH 302 (2017), SB 5222
Public works assistance account, constitutional amendment to create: SJR 8215
Public works assistance account, deposits into, shifting to education funding: HB 1549, ESSB 5033, SB 5112
Regional transit authorities, soliciting project bids, labor agreements, prohibitions: SB 5167
Small works roster, limited public works process use by agencies using: HB 1897, SHB 1897
Small works, performance bonds and retainage bonds, dollar thresholds: SB 5748
Small works, performance bonds, retainage, and actions against retainage: * SB 5734, CH 75 (2017)
Statewide significance, project of, legislative designation as: * SSB 5806, CH 288 (2017)
Statewide significance, project of, new I-5 Columbia river bridge as: EHB 2095, SB 5806
Statewide significance, project of, new I-5 Columbia river bridge, optional process: * SSB 5806, CH 288 (2017)
Statewide significance, projects of, designation criteria for and review of: SB 5621