Topical Index

Behavioral health system, adult, changes/investments in, institute evaluation of: SB 5894, ESSB 5894
Course materials and textbooks, four-year colleges, institute to study: HB 1561, SHB 1561, * E2SHB 1561, CH 268 (2018) PV
Crisis intervention response team pilot project, creating, institute role: HB 2234, SB 5970
Drugs, prescription, excessive price increases, institute to study: SSB 5995
Evergreen free college program, studying effectiveness, institute role: SSB 6101, 2SSB 6101
Evergreen investment scholarship program, studying effectiveness, institute role: SB 6101
Fiscal analysis, work group to explore establishing nonpartisan agency, institute role: SB 5443, SSB 5443
Foster care services, extended, institute to study: HB 1867, * SHB 1867, CH 265 (2017)
Foster parents, respite care case aides for, institute outcome evaluation of: SB 5890
Foster parents, short-term support case aides for, institute outcome evaluation of: * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Girls, dually involved in child welfare and juvenile justice systems, studying: SB 5831, SSB 5831
Graduation, reality, and dual-role skills program, grant effectiveness, evaluating: HB 2670
Health care, drug step therapy protocol usage literature review, institute to conduct: SSB 6233
Homelessness in Washington, statewide study of, institute role: HB 1570, ESHB 1570, SB 5254, SSB 5254
Juvenile and adult court jurisdiction, modifications of, institute to study impact of: HB 2895, SHB 2895, SSB 6160, * E2SSB 6160, CH 162 (2018)
Juveniles, convicted as adults, placement in DSHS facility, institute to assess: HB 1743, SHB 1743, 2SHB 1743, SB 5613, SSB 5613
Juveniles, convicted as adults, placement in rehabilitation facility, institute to assess: HB 2907, ESHB 2907
Law enforcement officer diversity and community engagement, institute to study: HB 1529, SB 5073, SSB 5073
Local government revenue authority and constitutional/statutory obligations, studying: HB 2011
Medical debt, institute to study: SHB 2731
Paraeducators, effect on student outcomes, institute to study: HB 1115, * ESHB 1115, CH 237 (2017) PV, SB 5070
Promise program, Washington, effectiveness of, institute to study: HB 1840, SB 5666
Racial and ethnic impact statements concerning legislation, evaluating: ESSB 5588
Student loan authority, to refinance loans from bonds, institute to study: HB 1440, SHB 1440, SB 5210, SB 6029, SSB 6029, * E2SSB 6029, CH 62 (2018)
Working connections child care, cliff effect at subsidy cut off, institute to analyze: SB 6464