Topical Index

               (See also LOCAL GOVERNMENT; PORTS)
Airports, district-operated, airport police removal of passengers, restricting, when: HB 2211
Airports, operated by districts, aircraft noise abatement programs, geographic area for: HB 2497
Collective bargaining, district professional employees, removing from "employee": SB 6230
Contracting, unit-priced, authority and procedures: SB 6072, SSB 6072
Countywide district, creation in county without district: HB 1347, SHB 1347
Elections, district-based: SHB 1800
Elections, district-based or alternative: HB 1800, SB 5267, SB 6002, ESSB 6002
Employment laws and contracts, unionized and nonunionized employees: HB 1143
Labor agreements, mandatory, in public works bidding and awards, prohibiting: SB 5168
Marijuana, businesses, general licensing process, notice to port authority: EHB 1857, SB 5131, * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Passenger services, on-demand, limiting district entry and charging fee: HB 1917, SHB 1917, SB 5739
Pollution control facility programs and activities, district funds for: HB 2540, SB 6207
Port commissions, commissioner elections for: HB 1999
Telecommunications facilities of district, private company operation of, when: HB 1702, SB 5679, ESSB 5679, SB 5935
Telecommunications services, port district provision of, expanding authority: HB 1702, HB 2664, SB 5679, ESSB 5679, SB 5935
Telecommunications services, wholesale, certain port districts, provisions: SB 5935
Telecommunications services, wholesale, rural port districts, provisions: HB 1702, SB 5483, SB 5679, ESSB 5679
Toll facilities, toll and penalties recovery, issuance of bill for, when, requirements: SHB 1405
Urban development areas, district-owned property within, inventory of: HB 1752
Wages, payment of, district requirements, enforcement, or regulation, prohibiting: HB 2065
Worker development and training programs, modifying provisions: HB 1510, SHB 1510