Topical Index

               (See also DRUGS)
Contraceptives, hormonal self-administered, database of pharmacies offering: EHB 2570
Controlled substances, schedule II or III oral, graded dosage packs: HB 2586
Drug utilization review board, managed care members, adding: ESHB 2565
Drugs, OTC, dispensed via prescription, retail sales tax exemption statement: HB 1164
Nonresident pharmacies, licensure, PQAC inspection report submission, when: HB 2688, SB 6385
Opioid overdose reversal medications, dispensing, standing order for: HB 2489, ESHB 2489, SB 6150, SSB 6150, 2SSB 6150
Pharmacies, retail community, in retail pharmacy network, requirements: SB 6454
Pharmacy and therapeutics committee, managed care member, adding: HB 2565
Pharmacy benefit managers, contracts with pharmacies: HB 2296, SHB 2296, SB 6026, SSB 6026
Pharmacy benefit managers, filing requirements for: SB 6510
Pharmacy benefit managers, reimbursement appeals by pharmacies of any size: SB 5699
Pharmacy benefit managers, retail community pharmacies in retail network of: SB 6454
Pharmacy benefit managers, when filling prescription through mail order service: SB 5744, SSB 5744
Prescription drugs, cost and alternative purchasing methods, disclosure to patient: HB 2623
Prescription drugs, covered, point-of-sale maximum cost: HB 2296, SHB 2296, SB 6026, SSB 6026
Prescription drugs, covered, point-of-sale maximum cost and disclosures, studying: SHB 2296
Prescriptions, electronic communication of information: HB 2689
Vaccines, through collaborative drug therapy agreements, database of pharmacies: EHB 2570