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               (See also FUELS; TAXES - FUEL; TAXES - MOTOR VEHICLE FUEL)
Economic disruption, intent to cause, special allegation of, when: SB 5009
Gas, natural or manufactured, sales to silicon smelters, tax preferences for: HB 1403, SHB 1403, SB 5515, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Heating oil tanks, assistance program, expanding focus to petroleum storage tanks: HB 1266, * SHB 1266, CH 23 (2017)
Oil refinery facilities, revising certain plans for handling crude oil for export: HB 1611, SHB 1611, 2SHB 1611, SB 5462
Oil spills, reducing response tax imposition and increasing transfers for prevention: SB 5968
Oil transport, contingency plans, class III railroads hauling noncrude oil, exemption: * ESHB 1136, CH 239 (2017)
Oil transport, contingency plans, exempting class III railroads hauling nonfuel oils: HB 1136, SB 5123, SSB 5123
Oil transport, contingency plans, exempting food grade vegetable oil: HB 1135, SB 5137
Oil transport, high hazard flammable trains, speed limits in certain urban areas: HB 1498, SB 5098
Oil transport, spill plans, notice, financial responsibility, and emergency response: HB 1611, SHB 1611, 2SHB 1611, SB 5462
Oil transport, spill prevention and response, oil spill prevention account: HB 1210, SB 5425
Oil transport, train accidents, emergency preparedness guidance for, creating: HB 1698, SHB 1698
Pipeline, bulk oil terminal receiving crude oil or petroleum products from, taxing of: HB 1868
Pipelines, certain facility, spill and spill tax provisions to include: HB 1611, SHB 1611, SB 5462
Pipelines, hazardous liquid/gas, pipeline accident mitigation account, creating: HB 2135
Tankers, large, in Puget Sound and adjacent waters, tug escort requirements: HB 1611, SHB 1611, 2SHB 1611, SB 5462