Topical Index

               (See also HOMES AND HOUSING)
2-1-1, Washington information network (WIN), 10th anniversary of, celebrating: * SR 8605 (2017)
Carbon pollution mitigation tax grant, low-income, establishing: HB 2230, SB 5930
Civil legal aid, low-income/indigent persons, office of civil legal aid role: HB 2308, SB 6041
Essential needs and housing support program, modifying and studying: SB 6116
Facilities, public, impact on high poverty/ethnically diverse area, mitigation of: HB 2093, SB 5725, SSB 5725
Food insecurity, research on, conducting: HB 2014, SHB 2014, SB 5485, SSB 5485
Home rehabilitation revolving loan program, low-income, creating: HB 1980, SHB 1980, 2SHB 1980, * ESB 5647, CH 285 (2017)
Homeownership development, low-income by nonprofit, property tax exemption: HB 1532, SHB 1532, SB 5143, SSB 5143
Homeownership projects, funding from housing trust fund: HB 1044
Housing land bank, affordable, surplus public property for, studying: SHB 1752
Housing, affordable or supportive, local sales and use tax imposition for: HB 2437
Housing, affordable, certain real estate excise taxes and revenues to support: HB 1536, HB 1797, SHB 1797, SB 5482
Housing, affordable, city that acquires or builds, one-time tax remittance for: HB 1536, HB 1797
Housing, affordable, city that builds, tax remittance for: SHB 1797
Housing, affordable, city/county infrastructure for, one-time sales tax remittance: HB 2046
Housing, affordable, development on religious organization property: HB 1987, SHB 1987
Housing, affordable, imposing sales tax for, councilmanic authority for: HB 1797, SHB 1797
Housing, affordable, in residential targeted areas, property tax exemption, when: HB 2051
Housing, affordable, land acquisition loan program, for vacant or improved land: * HB 1616, CH 274 (2017)
Housing, affordable, land bank, creating: HB 1752
Housing, affordable, local infrastructure for, one-time tax remittance for city: HB 1536, HB 1797
Housing, affordable, local infrastructure for, tax remittance for city: SHB 1797
Housing, affordable, low-income by nonprofit, property tax exemption for: HB 1750
Housing, affordable, manufactured housing communities beyond urban growth areas: HB 1846, SB 5615
Housing, affordable, rental, property owner tax exemption program: HB 2480
Housing, affordable, single-family, outside urban growth areas: HB 2560
Housing, affordable, supporting via GMA planning for rural development: HB 1748
Housing, affordable, very low-income, local property tax exemption program: HB 1536, SB 5182, SSB 5182, 2SSB 5182, SB 5254, SSB 5254
Housing, low-income, groundwater withdrawals, waiving fees for: HB 2575
Housing, low-income, impact fees exemption, when: HB 2538
Housing, low-income, real estate excise tax exemption for certain transfers: HB 2444
Housing, low-income, SEPA noncompliance challenge exception, when: HB 1740, SHB 1740
Hunger, food insecurity and USDA nutrition assistance programs, data on: HB 2014, SHB 2014, SB 5485, SSB 5485
Intergenerational poverty advisory committee, creating: HB 1482, SHB 1482, E2SHB 1482, SB 5440
Pets, in low-income households, additional veterinary services for: SB 6196
Regional transit authorities, certain taxes imposed by, low-income rebate, when: HB 2148, SB 5906
Students, promoting lively activities for youth (PLAY) grant program: HB 2311
Students, school extracurricular activities participation: HB 2311
Transportation needs, special, transportation providers for persons with: HB 2113
Vehicle fee rebate program, low-income, by transportation benefit districts: SB 5785
Vehicles, zero-emission, charge ahead Washington program: SB 6080
West Seattle helpline, honoring: * SR 8615 (2017)
WorkFirst, legislative-executive WorkFirst poverty reduction oversight task force: HB 1482, SHB 1482, E2SHB 1482, SB 5440
Youth, dropout prevention through farm engagement pilot project, establishing: HB 1542