Topical Index

Aerial imagery needs assessment study for state and local agencies, conducting: HB 2108, SB 5824
Airports, government-owned, community aviation revitalization loan program: EHB 1656
Arrest warrant, person with, on agency property, employee requirements: SB 5218
Boards, advisory, subject to open public meetings act, when: HB 1989
Boundary review boards, annexation boundaries, actions involving: HB 1682, ESB 5652
Catastrophic incidents, continuity of government planning: HB 2263, SB 6011
Catastrophic incidents, continuity of governmental operations: HJR 4210, SJR 8211
Committees, advisory, subject to open public meetings act, when: HB 1989
Communication plans, life safety information for limited-English proficient persons: * SSB 5046, CH 312 (2017)
Construction, local government, via indebtedness, sales and use tax exemption: SB 5166
Counties, formation of new, procedures for, establishing: SB 5932
Covenants on land used by local agencies, restrictive, process for removal of: * HB 1959, CH 119 (2017)
Creative districts, state-certified, designation and certification of: HB 1183, * SHB 1183, CH 240 (2017), SB 5300, SSB 5300, 2SSB 5300
Criminal justice funding, using certain funds to supplant existing funding, when: HB 2006, SHB 2006
Disaster areas, designated, creating and financing with bonds and tax revenues: HB 2048
Early childhood education and assistance program, funding, local government role: * 2SSB 5107, CH 178 (2017)
Early learning programs, funding from community sources, local pathway for: SB 5107, SSB 5107, * 2SSB 5107, CH 178 (2017)
Electronic data, federal agencies collecting, agency cooperation with, prohibiting: HB 1193
Employees, claims against public entities for tortious conduct of, liability: SB 5896, SSB 5896
Employment laws and contracts, unionized and nonunionized employees: HB 1143
Ethnicity, public agency disclosure to federal authorities, prohibitions: HB 2097, SB 5828
Health sciences and services authorities, designation as, application deadline: HB 1922
Homeless campsites, unauthorized, in ten largest cities, identifying on map: SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homeless encampments on religious organization property, allowing, requirements: HB 2044, SHB 2044, SB 5657, SSB 5657
Homeless encampments, guidelines and regulations, state preemption of: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homeless housing, document-recording surcharges for, local government use: SB 5254, SSB 5254, * E2SSB 5254, CH 16 (2017), SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homeless parking, safe, religious organizations, local actions and regulations: HB 2044, SHB 2044, SB 5657, SSB 5657
Homeless shelters, bed availability reporting, to central information system: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homeless shelters, religious organizations, local actions and regulations: HB 2044, SB 5657, SSB 5657
Housing, affordable, certain real estate excise taxes and revenues to support: HB 1536, HB 1797, SHB 1797
Housing, affordable, imposing sales tax for, councilmanic authority for: HB 1797, SHB 1797
Housing, affordable, on religious organization property, non-restriction of: HB 1987, SHB 1987
Housing, affordable, very low-income, local property tax exemption program: HB 1536, SB 5182, SSB 5182, SB 5254, SSB 5254
Housing, local investment programs, establishment of, city/county notice to DOR: HB 2046
Infrastructure, debt guarantee by state for, constitutional amendment to allow: HJR 4200, SJR 8201
Infrastructure, for workforce or affordable housing, local investment programs for: HB 2046
Infrastructure, infrastructure policy advisory team, establishing: HB 1677, SB 5496
Infrastructure, loans and grants for, value planning and system improvement team: HB 1677, * ESHB 1677, CH 10 (2017) PV, SB 5496
Infrastructure, local, for drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater: HB 1677, SB 5496
Infrastructure, local, for drinking water, stormwater, wastewater, and solid waste: * ESHB 1677, CH 10 (2017) PV
Infrastructure, project financing, loan agreements with housing finance commission: HB 1324, ESSB 5033, SB 5088
Infrastructure, public works financing assistance program, establishing: HB 1051, SB 5033, ESSB 5033
Infrastructure, Washington investment trust, creating for funding of: HB 2059, SB 5464
Land use, local project permits and review, vested rights and controlling law in: HB 2100
Laws, rules, and policies, state, municipality self-designated sanctuary from: HB 2178
Leave systems, changes to, in relation to state retirement systems: HB 2122
Legal action against government, interim attorneys' fees and costs, payment: SB 5058
Marijuana excise tax distributions, increasing limits on: HB 2076
Marijuana excise tax distributions, requiring marijuana retailer in municipality for: HB 2060
Marijuana, retail businesses, siting or operation of, local processes for prohibiting: HB 2215
Mental health/chemical dependency funding, using funds to supplant existing funds: HB 2006, SHB 2006
Motor vehicles, alternative fuel and electric, agency acquisition of, provisions: SB 5931
National origin, public agency disclosure to federal authorities, prohibitions: HB 2097, SB 5828
Notices, about emergencies and disasters, for limited-English-proficient persons: HB 1540, SHB 1540, 2SHB 1540, SB 5046, * SSB 5046, CH 312 (2017)
Private property rights, international law or accords infringing, prohibitions: HB 1202
Private roadways, city or county repair of, petition and resolution requirements: HB 1367
Records, electronic, of local agencies, internet-based data storage system for: HB 1516, SHB 1516
Religious beliefs, agency disclosure to federal authorities, prohibiting: HB 2097, SB 5828
Residential dwellings, demolition fee, deposit in city's affordable housing fund: HB 1536
Resource data, private land unlawful entry by agency to collect: HB 1104
Revenue authority and constitutional/statutory obligations of governments, studying: HB 2011
Revitalization, local infrastructure investment programs, sales tax remittance for: HB 2046
Safe streets pilot project, creating to foster community engagement: HB 1557, SHB 1557, SB 5650
Sensing devices, extraordinary, government agency use: HB 1102
Transfers and obligations, incurred by debtor, uniform voidable transactions act: * SB 5085, CH 57 (2017)
Volunteers, not appointed by an agency, records disclosure exemption, when: SB 5784