Topical Index

               (See also ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES; DRUGS)
Cannabidiol products, as additive in marijuana products, board role: HB 2334
Cannabidiol products, certain sales of, health safety sign display, board role: HB 2333
Cannabinoid products, certain sales of, health safety sign display, board role: HB 2333
Cannabis, health and beauty aids, permit for, board role in establishing: HB 2033, SB 5698
Cannabis, medical use, repealing all statutes legalizing, impact on board duties: HB 2096
Enforcement officers, liquor, powers of, expanding: SB 5132, SSB 5132
Essential public health services account, board to use certain moneys in: HB 2144
Hemp, industrial, regulatory framework feasibility, studying, board role: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Licenses, alcohol manufacturer, ancillary activities violations, penalties, board role: HB 2517, SB 6239
Licenses, tobacco products retailer, cigar lounge or tobacconist shop endorsement: HB 1919, SHB 1919
Marijuana, businesses and entities, siting near tribal reservation, board role: HB 1937
Marijuana, businesses, by playground, child care center, or preschool, prohibitions: HB 2238, HB 2483
Marijuana, businesses, facilities inspection to enforce standards, board role: HB 1461, * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017), SB 5323
Marijuana, businesses, financial institution services for, authorizing: HB 2098, SB 5928
Marijuana, businesses, general licensing process, board role: EHB 1857, SB 5131, * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Marijuana, businesses, signage and advertising, board regulatory role: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017), SB 5284, SSB 5284
Marijuana, cooperatives, state preemption of regulation of: HB 2471
Marijuana, endorsement, for retailer deliveries to medical use patients: HB 2574
Marijuana, legalizing recreational user plant possession, regulation of, studying: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Marijuana, licensees, business and nonprofit entity interest holders, board authority: HB 1127, HB 1151, SB 5102, SB 5284
Marijuana, licenses held by licensees and retail outlets in state, board limiting of: HB 1096
Marijuana, licenses, additional fee, for replacing board's traceability system: EHB 1858, * SB 5130, CH 316 (2017)
Marijuana, licenses, board limiting of retailer and co-owner aggregate per business: HB 1096
Marijuana, licenses, issuance, regulatory compliance determinations for: HB 2630
Marijuana, licenses, producers, sales to qualifying patients and providers: HB 2021, SHB 2021, SB 5606, SB 5933
Marijuana, licenses, research license provisions: EHB 1857, SB 5131, * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017), SB 5451
Marijuana, licenses, retail, delivery endorsement: HB 1712, SHB 1712
Marijuana, licenses, retail, forfeiture for failing to use by deadline, board role: HB 1126, SHB 1126, * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Marijuana, permits, cannabis health and beauty aids permit: HB 2033, SB 5698
Marijuana, producers and processors, testing of products of, board role: HB 2227
Marijuana, regulatory revenues from, federal activities impeding, prohibitions: HB 2124
Spirits, distilled, production terms, licenses, and fees, revising, board role: HB 2609