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Breast reconstruction and prostheses, insurance coverage, commissioner role: HB 2043, SB 5481, * SSB 5481, CH 91 (2017)
Dental only plans, carrier benefits explanations, work group, OIC to convene: ESHB 1316
Dental, dental only plans, carrier benefits explanation forms, OIC action: HB 2502
Drugs, generic, price increases, notifying commissioner: HB 2556, SB 5995
Drugs, standardized prescription benefit design, committee to develop, OIC role: SB 5697
Health care, out-of-pocket cost estimates, OIC work group and rule making for: HB 1619
Health information, nonpublic personal, disclosure by commissioner: HB 1043, * SHB 1043, CH 193 (2017), SB 5124
Health insurance market stability program, information confidentiality, OIC role: HB 2222, * ESHB 2222, CH 30 (2017), SB 5950
Health insurance pool, state, confidentiality of certain information, OIC role: HB 2222, * ESHB 2222, CH 30 (2017), SB 5950
Health insurance pool, state, reinsurance program, creating, OIC role: HB 2355, SB 6062
Insurers, corporate governance annual disclosure, commissioner role: HB 2321, SB 6059
Out-of-network providers, balance billing by, protections against, OIC role: HB 2114, ESHB 2114
Oversight of office, by legislature, concerning significant legislative rules: HB 1576
Reinsurance program, Washington, creating, OIC role: SHB 2355
Reports, annual, OIC health insurance regulatory activities performance data: HB 1576
School employee benefits, district and ESD reports to commissioner, eliminating: * HB 1042, CH 7 (2017)
Small business retirement marketplace, investment options in, review, OIC role: HB 1850, HB 1966, SHB 1966, SB 5675, * SSB 5675, CH 69 (2017)
State, legal action against by commissioner, requirements: HB 1034
Title insurers, commissioner duties and authority: * EHB 1450, CH 103 (2017)
Young adult affordable health care program, creating, OIC role: SB 5728