Topical Index

Abortion, potassium chloride or digoxin use, facility reporting of, DOH role: HB 1776
Agricultural workers, behavioral health and suicide prevention pilot program, DOH role: HB 2671
Air pollutants, disproportionately impacted communities, department to identify: HB 1646, HB 2230, SB 5509
Assistants, medical, administrative authority of department: SB 6310
Behavioral health, certain DSHS functions, transferring to department: HB 1388, ESHB 1388, SB 5259, SSB 5259
Breast reconstruction and prostheses, insurance coverage, department role: HB 2043, SB 5481, * SSB 5481, CH 91 (2017)
Chiropractic quality assurance commission, budget, spending, and staffing authority: HB 2313, SB 6156
Community assistance referral and education services programs, department role: * E2SHB 1358, CH 273 (2017)
Community health centers, funds for, transferring for access for all trust use: SB 5747
Death certificates, abbreviated: HB 2458
Declarations registry, statewide health care, entity to manage, DOH role: SB 5574
Dental health aide therapist work group, department to convene: HB 1364, SB 5224
Dental quality assurance commission, 3rd-party agreement complaints, DQAC role: HB 1598, SB 5322
Dental quality assurance commission, credential renewals, rule making for: HB 1586, SB 5351
Dental quality assurance commission, dental laboratory registration, DQAC role: HB 1782, SHB 1782, SB 5669
Dental quality assurance commission, dental licensure via residency: HB 1411, * SHB 1411, CH 100 (2017)
Dental quality assurance commission, members: HB 1364, SHB 1364, HB 1586, SHB 1586, SB 5224, SB 5351
Dental therapists, creating as new health profession, department role: HB 1364, SHB 1364, SB 5224
Denturists, license fees, allocation requirements and prohibitions: SB 5538
Disability, person with, at emergency scene, statewide training program, DOH role: * SHB 1258, CH 295 (2017)
Disability, person with, at scene, 911 personnel and first responders training program, department role: HB 1258
Disciplinary boards and commissions, adopting rules for opioid prescribing: * ESHB 1427, CH 297 (2017), SSB 5248
Drugs, prescription, donation program, donor form for, department role: HB 1765, * SHB 1765, CH 205 (2017)
Drugs, prescription, pharmacist collaborative agreements, database, DOH role: HB 2570
Drugs, prescription, unwanted medications take-back program, department role: HB 1047, SHB 1047
Emergency department patient care information, submission to department: SB 5514, * SSB 5514, CH 220 (2017)
Emergency medical services data system, statewide electronic, DOH to establish: HB 2489, SB 6150
Essential public health services account, using moneys in, department role: HB 2144
Food insecurity, research on, department responsibility to conduct: HB 2014, SHB 2014, SB 5485, SSB 5485
Greywater, reuse in buildings, department role: SHB 1213
Hearing loss education program for health care professionals, department role: SB 5178
Higher education, behavioral health/suicide prevention, work group and DOH role: HB 2513
Hospitals, charity care for indigent persons by, revising requirements, DOH role: SB 6273
Hospitals, DOH licensing and regulation of, excellence assessments of: SSB 5512
Hospitals, fire protection inspections, hospital licensing fees to fund, DOH role: HB 1915, SHB 1915
Hospitals, state, DOH licensing and regulation of, excellence assessments of: SSB 5512
Hospitals, state, placing under licensing authority of department: SB 5512, SSB 5512
Hunger, food insecurity and USDA nutrition assistance programs, data on: HB 2014, SHB 2014, SB 5485, SSB 5485
Immunization, of school children, exemption form requirements, DOH role: HB 2092
Lead in school drinking water and fixtures, testing for, department role: SB 5745, SSB 5745
Lead in school drinking water, preventing elevated levels, DOH role: HB 1842, HB 1925
Licensing, health professions, fee settings for, performance audit of: SB 5538
Medical assistants, administrative authority of department: SB 6310
Medical quality assurance commission, doctor of medical science licensing: HB 1771
Naloxone access grant program, establishing, department role: HB 1505
Oil transport, train accidents, emergency preparedness guidance, department role: HB 1698, SHB 1698
Opiate drugs, risks of, statement on department web site: HB 2447
Opioid drugs, rules for prescribing, disciplinary boards and commissions to adopt: * ESHB 1427, CH 297 (2017), SSB 5248
Opioid epidemic, addressing, department role: HB 2489, SB 6150
Opioid overdose medications, K-12 and higher education data, department role: HB 2390
Opioid use disorder, treatment access, grant program for increasing, DOH role: SB 5839
Osteopathic medicine and surgery, board, members of: HB 1431, * ESHB 1431, CH 101 (2017), SB 5352
Pediatric transitional care centers, for alcohol-/drug-exposed infants, DOH role: HB 1491, SB 5152
Pediatric transitional care services, for drug-exposed infants, DOH role: SHB 1491, * SSB 5152, CH 263 (2017)
Pesticide applications, notice, reporting, and fines for violations, department role: HB 1564
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, electronic prescription communication, duties: HB 2689
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, forfeited property proceeds, use of: HB 2136
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, nonresident pharmacy licensure, PQAC role: HB 2688
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, oral narcotic graded dosage packs: HB 2586
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, OTC drugs via prescription tax exemption statement: HB 1164
Pharmacy quality assurance commission, replacing "board" with "commission": HB 1087, SB 5044, SB 5255, SSB 5255
Phlebotomists, forensic, minimum qualifications for, department rule-making authority: HB 2715
Postsurgical care centers and services, regulating, department role: SB 5593
Pregnancy, healthy pregnancy advisory committee, establishing, department role: HB 1474, SB 5299, SB 5835, * SSB 5835, CH 294 (2017)
Pregnancy, healthy pregnancy advisory committee, establishing, DOH role: ESHB 1796
Prescription monitoring program, department to provide data from, when: HB 1426, SHB 1426, E2SHB 1426, * ESHB 1427, CH 297 (2017), SB 5248, SSB 5248
Prescription monitoring program, electronic records systems vendors: HB 2489, SB 6150
Prescription monitoring program, facilitating access to: HB 2501
Prescription monitoring program, information confidentiality: HB 2489, SB 6150
Public health services, improvement plan, department role: HB 1432, ESHB 1432, SB 5353
Radioactive waste, low-level, management of, transferring authority to department: HB 1252, SHB 1252, SB 5319
Rural health, office of, behavioral health and suicide prevention in agricultural industry task force, convening: HB 2671
Sewage sludge/biosolids, food grown in, labeling requirements, department role: HB 1653
Suicide awareness, suicide-safer homes project, task force, and account, creating: HB 1612, SHB 1612, * E2SHB 1612, CH 262 (2017) PV
Telemedicine, licensure reciprocity for, work group to explore, DOH to convene: SB 5636
Threats, public health, data reporting system and confidentiality, department role: SB 5514, * SSB 5514, CH 220 (2017)
Transient accommodations, when contaminated by hazardous chemicals, DOH role: * HB 1757, CH 115 (2017)
Vaccination, of school children, exemption form requirements, DOH role: HB 2092
Workers, community health worker task force, definition and task force report: HB 1522
Youth recreational organizations, certified child safety policy pilot program: HB 1784