Topical Index

Agricultural lands, designated agricultural areas, no minimum acreage for: HB 1609
Agricultural lands, locating nonagricultural accessory uses on, when: HB 2133
Coal mine lands, certain nonprofit-owned former, property tax exemption, when: HB 1391, SHB 1391
Community, fully contained, action establishing, effective date: HB 2023, ESHB 2023
Comprehensive planning, challenges to, review in superior court: HB 1224
Comprehensive planning, development proposals consistent with, SEPA exemption: HB 1745
Comprehensive planning, groundwater withdrawals, county mitigation programs: HB 1918
Comprehensive planning, groundwater withdrawals, requirements: HB 2226, HB 2239, HB 2248
Comprehensive planning, Hirst decision on private wells for residential developments: HB 2239, HB 2248, 2E2SSB 5239
Comprehensive planning, mineral resources and resource lands: HB 1225, SHB 1225
Comprehensive planning, optional elements, grants or loans to cover costs: HB 1740, SHB 1740
Comprehensive planning, population growth criteria, simplifying: HB 1101, SB 5755, SSB 5755
Comprehensive planning, potable water supply, importance of certain rules, when: HB 2248
Comprehensive planning, potable water supply, using certain rules as guide: HB 1885, HB 2239, SB 5239, SSB 5239, 2E2SSB 5239
Comprehensive planning, vested rights and controlling law in connection with: HB 2100
Comprehensive planning, water recharging via land use changes as factor: HB 1459, SHB 1459, SB 5789, SSB 5789
Comprehensive planning, water, withdrawal flows nonimpairment presumption: HB 1382
Comprehensive plans, Kitsap county, schedule for updates to: HB 1089
Effective date, initial, for certain actions under GMA: HB 2023, ESHB 2023
Electric vehicles, charging stations, in areas zoned for multifamily residences: SB 5716
Farms, small, encouraging through comprehensive planning: HB 1609
Growth management act, economic development element, requirements: HB 1525, SB 5790, * SSB 5790, CH 331 (2017) PV, SB 5954
Growth management act, repealing: HB 1749
Growth management act, rural development within rural element, requirements: HB 1525, SB 5790, * SSB 5790, CH 331 (2017) PV
Hearings board, authority of, restrictions: HB 1774
Hearings board, eliminating, materials and assets transfer to DES and OFM: HB 1350
Hearings board, hearings and actions by, vested rights and controlling law: HB 2100
Housing supply and affordability reviews, cities and counties, when: SB 5254, SSB 5254
Housing, affordable, growth management provisions in aid of: HB 1748, SB 5254, SSB 5254, * E2SSB 5254, CH 16 (2017)
Housing, affordable, supporting via GMA planning for rural development: HB 1748
Locally operated growth management act, local jurisdiction planning processes: HB 1350
Manufactured housing communities, affordable, outside urban growth areas: HB 1846, SB 5615
Military installations, U.S. armed services, protecting from incompatible growth: HB 2111
Railroads, freight rail dependent uses on land near, authorizing: HB 2231
Railroads, short line, freight rail dependent uses on land near, authorizing: HB 1504, * ESHB 1504 (2017) V, * 3ESB 5517, CH 18 (2017)
Resort, master planned, action creating or expanding, effective date: HB 2023, ESHB 2023
Review and evaluation program, land to accommodate population, factors: HB 1961
Rural development, designated rural areas, no minimum acreage for: HB 1609
Rural development, outside urban growth areas, when: HB 1774
Schools and school facilities, siting, as planning priority: HB 1017
Schools, siting in rural areas, authority and requirements for, when: HB 1017, * ESHB 1017, CH 129 (2017) PV, HB 2216, * HB 2243, CH 32 (2017), SB 5942, SB 5945
Schools, siting, as essential public facilities and/or outside urban growth areas: SB 5651, SSB 5651
Schools, siting, public facility/utility extensions when rural/outside UGA: HB 1017, * ESHB 1017, CH 129 (2017) PV, HB 2216, * HB 2243, CH 32 (2017), SB 5651, SSB 5651, SB 5942, SB 5945
Sewage systems, on-site, county reliance on self-inspection of: * ESHB 1503, CH 105 (2017)
Sewage systems, on-site, limiting application of requirements to: HB 1503, HB 1683, * SHB 1683, CH 305 (2017)
Urban growth areas, action expanding, effective date: HB 2023, ESHB 2023
Urban growth areas, boundary adjustment requests by cities: HB 1961
Urban growth areas, in Eastern Washington counties, state purchase of land in: HB 1441
Urban growth areas, outdoor burning in, prohibiting, when: HB 2047
Vegetation removal, for wildfire protection, allowing in critical areas, when: HB 1588