Topical Index

Child welfare system improvement account, creating: SB 5890, * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Child-placing agencies, streamlining foster care parent application process for: SB 5105
Extended foster care services, expanded eligibility for: HB 2330, SB 6222
Extended foster care services, modifying provisions: HB 1867, * SHB 1867, CH 265 (2017)
Foster care cases, lack of permanency, case review panel when, establishing: * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Foster care services, forecasting and budgeting, when: EHB 2008
Foster care, licensed, forecasts of, reviewing: * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Foster children and homes, most recent caseload forecasts, DSHS to review: EHB 2008
Foster children and youth, educational equity for, work group on: SB 6223
Foster children, assessing need for behavioral rehabilitation services: EHB 2008
Foster children, behavioral rehabilitation services rates: SB 6013
Foster children, care needs of, developing single validated tool to assess: EHB 2008
Foster parents, expedited licensing and provisional expedited license, provisions: * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Foster parents, governor acknowledgement of contributions of: SB 5890
Foster parents, preservice training online availability: HB 2256
Foster parents, shared leave pool and respite care case aides for: SB 5890
Foster parents, shared leave pool and short-term support case aides for: * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Foster parents, system of support services for, identifying: * 2ESSB 5890, CH 20 (2017) PV
Foster youth, behavioral rehabilitation services forecasting: SB 6013
Foster youth, homeschooling of, permitting: HB 2053, HB 2054
Foster youth, integrated managed/behavioral health care plan: HB 2530
Foster youth, placement in hotel room or department office, prohibiting: HB 1883
Foster-family home, license for, homeschooling as basis for denying, prohibiting: HB 2054
Students in foster care, partial credit for courses not completed, when: HB 1628, SB 5241, * SSB 5241, CH 40 (2017)
Youth in foster care, driver's license and financial responsibility coverage, support: HB 1808, * ESHB 1808, CH 206 (2017), SB 5663