Topical Index

American recovery program, including Glass-Steagall Act, requesting adoption of: SJM 8006
Banking, requesting that Congress separate investment and commercial functions: SJM 8002
Credit union act, modifying provisions: HB 1053, * SB 5144, CH 61 (2017)
Credit unions, as public depositaries: HB 1209, * SHB 1209, CH 237 (2018), SB 5396
Credit unions, capital accounts, secondary, provisions concerning: HB 1318
Depositary, publicly owned, structure and business plan for establishing: SB 6375
Dressel, Melanie J., Columbia bank CEO, honoring the life and career of: * SR 8635 (2017)
Dressel, Melanie, Columbia bank CEO, honoring the life and accomplishments of: * HR 4624 (2017)
First financial northwest bank, Dr. Gary Kohlwes, former director and board chairman, recognizing: * HR 4672 (2018)
International banking facilities, B&O tax exemption for, repealing: SB 5765
Investment conduits, certain amounts received by, B&O exemption, repealing: SB 5821
Investment management services, international, preferential B&O rate, eliminating: HB 2186, SHB 2186, SB 5929
Investment trust, Washington, creating: HB 2059, SB 5464
Linked deposit program, administrative provisions: SB 6085
Linked deposit program, simplifying rule making for: SB 5587
Marijuana businesses, patients, and providers, providing financial services for: HB 2098, ESHB 2098, SB 5928, * ESSB 5928, CH 68 (2018)
Securitization entities, certain amounts received by, B&O exemption, repealing: SB 5821
Student loans, disbursement via financial institution, requirements for schools: * HB 1499, CH 13 (2018)