Topical Index

Agritourism, liability of agritourism professionals, limitations on: HB 2020, SB 5808, * ESSB 5808, CH 227 (2017)
Apple maggot quarantine areas, outdoor burning in: SB 6055
Berry growing operations, outdoor burning of pruning waste: SB 5004, SSB 5004
Chavez, Cesar, honoring: * SR 8642 (2017)
Chavez, Cesar, recognizing March thirty-first as Cesar Chavez day: HB 1939, SB 5913
Composting, protecting from nuisance lawsuits, when: HB 1590, SB 5431, ESSB 5431
Crop protection products, wholesale sales, B&O tax exemption, when: HB 1916, SB 5786, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Crops damage due to wildlife, by elk or deer, compensation for: HB 1399, SHB 1399
Dairy farms, men and women working on, honoring: * SR 8606 (2017)
Dropout prevention through farm engagement pilot project, establishing: HB 1542
Employees, farm internship pilot project, adding counties and expiration date: * HB 1906, CH 150 (2017)
Farm product, defining to include marijuana, for nuisance lawsuit protection: HB 1692, SHB 1692
Farmers markets, alcoholic beverage sales at, various: HB 2419, SB 6122
Farmers, future farmers of America, Washington's, recognizing: * HR 4614 (2017), * SR 8621 (2017)
Farmers, retired, removal from current use classification of land owned by: HB 2349
Fertilizer, commercial, wholesale sales of, B&O tax exemption, when: HB 1916, SB 5786, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Food system, state, studying: HB 1552
Hemp, industrial, funding of research on: HB 1979, SB 5732
Hemp, industrial, indicating exclusion from "controlled substance" definition: * HB 2064, CH 153 (2017)
Hemp, industrial, regulatory framework feasibility, studying: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Hunger, childhood, efforts of Washington farmers to help combat: * HR 4605 (2017)
Labor contracting, farm, excluding activity solely for small forest landowners from: * EHB 1924, CH 253 (2017)
Marijuana, production and products, excluding from "agricultural labor": SHB 1692
Marijuana, production and products, excluding from overtime exemption: SHB 1692
Pollutant discharge elimination permits, treating nonagency individuals equitably: HB 2140, HB 2141
School meals, farm-to-school and small and direct marketing farm programs: HB 1508
School meals, farm-to-school and small farm direct marketing programs: 2ESHB 1508
Seed, wholesale sales of, B&O tax exemption, when: HB 1916, SB 5786, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Sewage sludge/biosolids, food grown in, labeling requirements: HB 1653
Small farms, encouraging through growth management act planning: HB 1609
Small farms, within current use property tax program: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Wages, agricultural labor, break time/rest period remedial compensation, when: ESB 5720
Wages, production-based safe harbor compensation for agricultural labor: HB 2049