Topical Index

Board, electrical, members of: ESHB 1952
Certificates of competency, journey level, apprenticeship program requirement: SB 6126
Contractors, electrical, vehicle identification requirements, instituting: HB 1855
Electrical rules, nonadministrative, adoption voting requirement: HB 1430, SB 5304
Inspectors, electrical, inspecting marijuana processor's premises, when: HB 1920
Licensing/certification rules, state, city and town enforcement, when: HB 1952, ESHB 1952
Marijuana processor's facilities, wiring and equipment, requirements and inspection: SHB 1920
Specialty electricians, certification of various, work experience alternatives for: HB 2123, SB 5860
Specialty electricians, EL06/EL07 exams, military electronics rating applicants: HB 2123
Specialty electricians, HVAC/refrigeration, hours of work experience for: HB 2123, SB 5860
State agency employees doing the work of electricians, licensing/certification of: HB 1871