Topical Index

Agreements, interagency, department online listing of: * SHB 1010, CH 47 (2017)
Agreements, interagency, department reporting of: HB 1010
Aquaculture, commercial marine net pen, ecology role: SB 6086, SSB 6086
Aquaculture, nonnative finfish, ecology role: HB 2418, SB 6086, SSB 6086
Architectural paint recovery program, creation, department role: HB 1376, SHB 1376, SB 5419
Bridges, structurally deficient, SEPA categorical exemption, ecology role: SB 6069
Burn bans, lifting to allow solid fuel burning device use, when, ecology role: SB 5658
Carbon pollution mitigation tax, imposing, department role: HB 1646, HB 2230, SB 5509
Carbon pollution tax and clean energy investment program, ecology role: SB 6203
Carbon pollution tax on fossil fuels and electricity, ecology role: SB 6096
Climate change data, protecting against federal censorship, ecology role: SB 6104
Environmental impact statements, by agencies, department report: * SHB 1086, CH 289 (2017)
Environmental quality data, protecting against federal censorship, ecology role: SB 6104
Flows, instream, voluntary regional agreements by ecology, extending expiration: SB 6125
Flows, minimum instream, approving uses that impair, department authority: SB 5003
Food and forest products manufacturing wastes, beneficial uses of, analyzing: HB 2133
Fuels, for transportation, carbon-intensity limits, department rule making: HB 2338
Greenhouse gas emissions, certain department consulting requirement, repealing: SB 5172
Greenhouse gas emissions, clean fuels program carbon-intensity limits, ecology role: HB 2338
Greenhouse gas emissions, department reporting requirements: SHB 1144, 2SHB 1144
Greenhouse gas emissions, limits, department role: SB 6096
Greenhouse gas emissions, limits, department role in revising: HB 1646, HB 2230, SB 5509
Greenhouse gas emissions, reducing, certain fee deposit contingencies: HB 2338
Groundwater withdrawals, for low-income housing, waiving fees for, ecology role: HB 2575
Groundwater withdrawals, permit-exempt, mitigation program, ecology role: HB 2226
Groundwater withdrawals, permit-exempt, water resources management rules role: HB 1885, HB 2239, HB 2248, 2E2SSB 5239
Hazardous substances independent remedial actions under toxics control act: SB 5170, SSB 5170, SB 5943
Hazardous substances remedial actions, appeals, department requirements: SB 5943
Hazardous waste cleanup, department role, requirements: SB 5943
Marijuana, producer and processor premises, masking odors from, ecology role: HB 1911, SHB 1911
Mineral prospecting, motorized, pollutant discharge general permit, issuance: HB 1106
Oil transport, plans, notice, financial responsibility, and response, ecology role: HB 1611, SHB 1611, 2SHB 1611, SB 5462
Pollutant discharge elimination permits, treating nonagency individuals equitably: HB 2140, HB 2141
Radioactive waste, low-level, management of, transferring authority from ecology: HB 1252, SHB 1252, SB 5319
Recreational vehicles, voluntary turn-in program, department to develop: SB 5735
Rule making, department policies, adoption and enforcement, requirements: HB 1455, SB 5617
Rules, alternatives to rule making, encouraging department to use: HB 1328
Rules, peer review of economic analyses of: HB 1014
Salmon, Atlantic, aquaculture, commercial marine net pen, ecology role: SB 6086, SSB 6086
Salmon, Atlantic, aquaculture, ecology role: HB 2418, SB 6086, SSB 6086
Salmon, Atlantic, escapement, impact on native salmon, ecology role in studying: SSB 6086
Sediment management demonstration project in Pierce county, department role: HB 1660, SB 5611
Solid waste stream analysis, including reporting requirements, ecology role: HB 2380
Standards, baseline federal, agency rules to be as stringent, ecology role: SB 6083
Toxics control accounts, state/local, hazardous substance tax revenue report: SHB 2182
Waste sites, independent remedial actions, procedural requirements exemptions: SB 5170, SSB 5170, SB 5943
Wasted food and food waste, plan and strategies for reducing, ecology role: HB 2411
Wastewater, treatment plant operator certification account, department role: HB 1267, * SB 5162, CH 35 (2017)
Wastewater, treatment plant operator certification, fees, department role: HB 2298
Water in WRIAs, maps of legal availability of, department role: HB 1918
Water right permits, applications, water recharging as factor: HB 1459, SHB 1459, SB 5789, SSB 5789
Water right permits, Columbia river, application processing for, legislative intent: HB 1394, SB 5269
Water rulings, real property impacted by, revaluation for tax purposes of: HB 2195
Water, Columbia river basin, voluntary regional agreements by ecology, extending: SB 6125
Water, noncommercial garden and domestic uses, ecology rule making: HB 1918
Watershed restoration and enhancement program, establishing, ecology role: SB 6091, SSB 6091