Topical Index

Basic law enforcement training, curriculum, sexual assault investigation training in: HB 1109, * ESHB 1109, CH 290 (2017)
Crisis intervention response team pilot project, creating in CJTC: HB 2234, SB 5970
Deadly force, corrections and peace officer training relevant to, commission role: HB 1529, HB 1769, SB 5073, SSB 5073
Deadly force, law enforcement officer training relevant to, I-940, CJTC role: SI 940, HI 940
Disability, person with, at emergency scene, officer training and awareness: * SHB 1258, CH 295 (2017)
First aid, law enforcement officer training in and rendering of, I-940, CJTC role: SI 940, HI 940
Funding for programs and agencies, from public safety enhancement account: HB 1769
Hiring and continuing employment, lawful permanent residents, eligibility of: HB 1182, SB 5389, SB 6145
Jails, jail accreditation project, establishing to improve safety, commission role: HB 1769
Law enforcement agencies, law enforcement accreditation project, commission role: HB 1769
Nonimmigrant visas, U and T, course of study related to, commission role: HB 1022, SHB 1022
Sexual assault kit analysis, notifying victims, educating investigators for: HB 2353, HB 2648
Training, for enhanced leadership, commissioned officers, and crisis intervention: HB 1769
Training, law enforcement training and community safety act, I-940: SI 940, HI 940
Training, mental health and violence de-escalation, I-940, CJTC rule making: SI 940, HI 940
Violent encounters, officers with public, training to reduce, commission role: SB 5429