Topical Index

Achieving a better life experience program, Washington, expenses of, funds for: HB 2581, SB 6221
Achieving a better life experience program, Washington, individual accounts: HB 2581, SB 6221
Affordable housing advisory board, housing land bank surplus property, studying: SHB 1752
Airport, international, air traffic and air quality at, department role in studying: HB 1171, SHB 1171, SB 5225
Broadband, deployment in underserved areas, grant program for, DOC role: SB 5935
Broadband, office, creating, and broadband deployment advisory group, DOC role: SB 5483
Buildings, state capital budget-funded, plaque requirement, department role: HB 1289, ESHB 1289
Carbon pollution mitigation tax, imposition and revenue disposition, department role: HB 1646, HB 2230, SB 5509
Carbon pollution tax and clean energy investment program, DOC role: SB 6203
Carbon pollution tax on fossil fuels, imposing, department role: SB 5930
Carbon pollution tax program, department reporting requirements: SB 6096
Carbon reduction investment fund, department duties in connection with creating of: HB 1555, HB 2230, SB 5127
Carbon reduction investment fund, project awards from, when, department role: HB 2230, SB 5930
Child care collaborative task force, convening, department role: HB 2367
Commercial office space, local tax exemption program for, department to study: SHB 1495
Community and law enforcement partnership grant program, department role: HB 1769
Crime victims advocacy, office, convening crime victim certification steering committee: HB 1022, SHB 1022
Crime victims advocacy, office, death by criminal means, notification, work group: HB 1759, SHB 1759
Crime victims advocacy, office, sexual assault nurse examiner practices/training: HB 2101
Digital inclusion and technology planning, advisory group on, repealing: SB 5935
Electric utility net metering requirements, technical assistance, department role: HB 2510
Employer-supported child care, assisting businesses with, department role: HB 2396
Essential needs and housing support program, modifying to aid homeless: SB 5903
Greenhouse gas emissions, department reporting requirements: SHB 1144, 2SHB 1144
Growth management act, repeal of, conforming changes due to, DOC role: HB 1749
Higher education institutions, contributions of, economic impact, studying: HB 1910
Historic building rehabilitation financing pilot program, establishing, DOC role: HB 1995, SHB 1995, 2SHB 1995
Homeless client management information system, personal information for using: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homeless client management information system, use of: HB 2044, SHB 2044, SB 5657, SSB 5657
Homeless housing strategic plan, requirements, department role: HB 1570, ESHB 1570, SB 5254, SSB 5254, SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homeless programs, document-recording surcharge effectiveness, measuring: * SB 5252, CH 15 (2017)
Homeless shelters, bed availability reporting, department role: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homeless students, educational equity, work group for, DOC role in convening: SB 6148
Homeless youth prevention and protection programs, office of, duties and role of: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Homelessness in Washington, statewide study of, department role: HB 1570, ESHB 1570, SB 5254, SSB 5254
Housing assistance program, homeownership projects funding: HB 1044
Housing, affordable, land bank, creating within department: HB 1752
Internet, high-speed, geographic information system map, DOC procurement of: SB 5483
Landlord mitigation program, creating, department role: HB 2578
Lands, designated agricultural areas or forestlands, removing, when, DOC role: HB 2524
Learning labs, in public middle and junior high schools, pilot project, department role: HB 1412, SB 5291
Local and community projects program, department to administer: SB 5452
Local and community projects, department to manage, when: SSB 5452
Low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan program, creating, department role: HB 1980, SHB 1980, 2SHB 1980, * ESB 5647, CH 285 (2017)
Manufactured/mobile home communities, purchase-opportunity notice, DOC role: HB 1798, SB 5627
Military installations, U.S. armed services, land use compatibility with, DOC role: HB 2341
Motor vehicles, alternative fuel and electric, acquisition by agencies, DOC role: SB 6080
Motor vehicles, zero-emission, charge ahead Washington program, DOC role: SB 6080
Natural gas, renewable methane-rich, sustainable development/standards, DOC role: HB 2580
Ombuds for employers interacting with L&I, creating within department: SB 5719, SSB 5719
Paint, lead-based paint activities program, certification fee, department role: HB 1873, SB 5643, SSB 5643
Pipeline accident mitigation account, creating for grants/loans, department role: HB 2135
Safe streets pilot project, to foster community engagement, department role: HB 1557, SHB 1557, SB 5650
Skilled worker awareness programs, coordinating, department role: * SSB 5713, CH 225 (2017)
Skilled worker grant program, grant review committee for, establishing: * SSB 5713, CH 225 (2017)
Skilled worker outreach, recruitment, and career awareness grant program, creating: * SSB 5713, CH 225 (2017)
Skilled worker outreach, recruitment, and key training program, creating, DOC role: HB 1949, SB 5713
Skilled worker program, grant review committee for, establishing: HB 1949, SB 5713
Small business retirement marketplace, investment options in, review, DOC role: HB 1850, HB 1966, SHB 1966, SB 5675, * SSB 5675, CH 69 (2017)
Solar gardens, community, department role: HB 2280, SB 6130
Solid waste and recyclable materials activities, economic analysis, DOC role: HB 2380
Surplus state real property, for affordable housing, inventory of, department role: HB 2382
Time zone and daylight saving time, impact on commerce, DOC to review: SB 6220
Washington academic, innovation, and mentoring (AIM) program, DOC role: SB 5258
Wireless, small cell infrastructure, investment-ready for technologies, DOC role: HB 2592
Women helping women grant program, establishing, department role: SB 5092
Workforce needs and skilled worker programs, department role: HB 1949, SB 5713