Topical Index

Annexation, of city/town or unincorporated area, procedures: HB 2789
Annexation, of unincorporated island of territory, requirements: HB 2665, SHB 2665, SB 6312, SSB 6312
Annexation, of unincorporated urban growth areas, measures to encourage: HB 1681, SB 5215
Annexation, part of city/town to another, for master planned development project: HB 2880, SB 6487
Auburn, AuburnFest and Auburn Days parade, recognizing: * SR 8670 (2017)
Auburn, city of Auburn 4th of July festival, recognizing: * SR 8667 (2017)
Auburn, Miss Auburn scholarship program, recognizing: * SR 8718 (2018)
Auburn, Rich Wagner, city councilmember, recognizing: * SR 8665 (2017)
Background checks of city employees and certain others, by ordinance, when: * EHB 1620, CH 332 (2017), SHB 1620, SB 5399
Ballard, Hiram M. Chittenden locks, centennial of, celebrating: * HR 4638 (2017)
Ballard, new Nordic heritage museum in, recognizing opening of: * SR 8722 (2018)
Brewster, Gary Knowlton, honoring the life of: * HR 4660 (2018)
Business ecosystems areas and area financing for local public improvements: SB 6499
Business improvement districts, purposes, procedures, and authority of: HB 1823
Business improvement districts, renaming PBIAs as: HB 1823
Business licenses, municipal general, business licensing service use for: * EHB 2005, CH 209 (2017), SB 5777, ESSB 5777
Business licenses, municipal general, model ordinance development committee: * EHB 2005, CH 209 (2017), SB 5777, ESSB 5777
Centralia, founder George Washington, honoring: * SR 8699 (2018)
Commercial office space development areas and tax exemption incentives: HB 2813, HB 2981, SB 6418
Commercial office space, development tax exemption incentives, role of cities: HB 1495, SHB 1495, E2SHB 1495, SB 6302
Commercial office space, property tax reinvestment as incentive: HB 2813, HB 2981, SB 6418
Commercial office space, sales and use tax remittance as incentive: HB 2813, HB 2981, SB 6418
Contracting and contractors, unit-priced, city authority to use: SB 6143, * ESSB 6143 (2018)
Criminal justice, municipal criminal justice assistance account, funds use: HB 2006
Electrician licensing/certification rules, state, city and town enforcement, when: HB 1952, * ESHB 1952 (2018)
Facilities, public, impact on ethnically diverse/high poverty area, mitigation of: HB 2093, SB 5725, SSB 5725
Ferndale, Michael Knapp, police chief, honoring: * HR 4634 (2017)
Fire protection districts, formation by city or town, process, authority, governance: SB 5628, * ESSB 5628, CH 328 (2017)
Fire protection districts, formation, including ambulance service, when: * ESSB 5628, CH 328 (2017)
First-class cities, retirement funds of, investment by state investment board: SB 5116
Friday Harbor, Joyce Sobel, honoring and remembering: * SR 8703 (2018)
Highways, state, city/town additional responsibilities for streets that are, when: * EHB 2948 (2018), SB 6576, SSB 6576
Housing, affordable, city that acquires or builds, one-time tax remittance for: HB 1536, HB 1797
Housing, affordable, city that builds, tax remittance for: SHB 1797
Housing, affordable, local infrastructure for, one-time tax remittance for city: HB 1536, HB 1797
Housing, affordable, local infrastructure for, tax remittance for city: SHB 1797
Housing, affordable, population density standards in municipal plans: SB 6077
Kent, Kent black action commission, recognizing Juneteenth efforts of: * SR 8668 (2017)
Kent, Suzette Cooke, mayor, recognizing: * SR 8719 (2018)
Land, city or town-owned, recorded restrictive covenant, removal hearing: HB 2674
Land, city or town-owned, recorded restrictive or unrecorded-deed covenant, removal hearing: ESB 6379
Laws, rules, and policies, state, municipality self-designated sanctuary from: HB 2178
Local improvement districts, off-street parking facilities: HB 2292, SHB 2292
Lodging, fee for furnishing, for small city public works: SB 6010
Lynden, Gary Baar, fire chief, honoring: * HR 4632 (2017)
Mercer Island, westbound on-ramp from Island Crest Way to I-90, preserving: HB 2129
Metropolitan municipal corporations, information disclosure on billing statements from: SB 6587, ESSB 6587
Monroe, former mayor Donnetta Walser, honoring and remembering: * SR 8640 (2017)
Mukilteo, Anna Bui, Jordan Ebner, and Jake Long, mourning the loss of: * SR 8608 (2017)
Mukilteo, Boys & Girls Club Shin Center, groundbreaking for, recognizing: * SR 8664 (2017)
Nuisance abatement, special assessments and foreclosure process: SB 6484, SSB 6484
Parking facilities, off-street, city authority to obtain property for: HB 2292, SHB 2292
Prosser, school district superintendent Dr. Ray Tolcacher, honoring: * HR 4656 (2018)
Public defense services, cities providing, funds disbursement to: HB 2687, SB 6420
Public defense services, cities providing, reimbursement of: HB 2031
Pullman, Schweitzer engineering laboratories, honoring: * SR 8705 (2018)
Puyallup, Fred Oldfield, honoring and remembering: * SR 8630 (2017)
Real estate excise tax, additional, city under GMA imposing without voter approval, when: HB 2876, HB 2933, SB 6490, SSB 6490
Rent, commercial properties, state preemption of rent controls: HB 1082, SB 5286, SSB 5286
Renton, Dr. Gary Kohlwes, recognizing: * HR 4672 (2018)
Seattle, Kathleen Southwick, Crisis Clinic executive director, honoring: * SR 8636 (2017)
Seattle, Metropolitans hockey team's 1917 Stanley Cup victory, recognizing: * SR 8641 (2017)
Seattle, national guard armory pier 91 property, creating interbay committee for: HB 2134
Seattle, Spencer Haywood, former Seattle SuperSonic, honoring: HR 4626
Seattle, taxation authority for Alaskan Way viaduct project cost overruns payment: HB 2193
Seattle, West Seattle helpline, honoring: * SR 8615 (2017)
Shuttles, shared employee, private operation within municipal corporation: SB 6080, SSB 6080
Spokane Valley, renaming Appleway trail as Senator Bob McCaslin trail: HB 2952, SHB 2952
Spokane, police department officer Steve Redmond, honoring: * HR 4628 (2017)
Sumner, Dave Enslow, mayor and former councilmember, recognizing legacy of: * HR 4659 (2018)
Surplus public property, transfer, lease, or disposal for public benefit: HB 2382, SHB 2382, 2SHB 2382, * 3SHB 2382 (2018)
Tacoma, Melanie Dressel, honoring the life and accomplishments of: * HR 4624 (2017)
Tacoma, Melanie J. Dressel, honoring the life and career of: * SR 8635 (2017)
Telecommunications, providing with electric utility customer payments, prohibiting: SB 5921
Telecommunications, small cell facilities and networks, deployment and permits: SB 5935, SSB 5935, E2SSB 5935
Telecommunications, small cell facilities and networks, installation, rights-of-way: HB 1921, SB 5711
Transportation electrification plans and electric vehicle infrastructure: SB 6098
Tri-Cities, Kris Watkins, Visit TRI-CITIES president and CEO, honoring: * SR 8688 (2018)
Tukwila, Joe Duffie, city councilmember, recognizing: * SR 8672 (2017)
Urban development areas, city-owned property within, inventory of: HB 1752
Utilities, municipal, city or town operating as, information disclosure on billing statements from: ESSB 6587
Utility services, outside corporate limits, annexation covenant requirement, prohibiting: HB 2788, HB 2789
Vacant or undeveloped land, new construction, limited property tax exemption for: SB 6361
Vacant or undeveloped land, new construction, property tax exemption for: SSB 6361
Wages, payment of, city/town requirements, enforcement, or regulation, prohibiting: HB 2065
Wenatchee, celebrating apple blossom festival and honoring apple blossom festival court: * SR 8632 (2017), * SR 8712 (2018)
Wenatchee, Wilfred R. "Wilf" Woods, celebrating the life of: * SR 8622 (2017)
Wildland urban interface areas, establishing, DNR technical assistance for: SB 6109, * ESSB 6109 (2018)
Yakima, John Vornbrock, honoring: * HR 4669 (2018)