Topical Index

               (See also BAIL AND BAIL BONDS)
Budgets, restricting bond proceeds use to capital purposes, when: HJR 4209
Chehalis basin flood damage, projects, general obligation bonds: HB 1050
Clean energy districts, authority for revenue bond issuance: HB 1964
Construction, schools and government, via indebtedness, sales and use exemption: SB 5166
General obligation bonds, for capital and operating budget and other projects: HB 1080, SHB 1080, SB 5090, SSB 5090
General obligation bonds, for designated disaster area public works financing: HB 2048
Infrastructure, local, debt guarantee by state for, constitutional amendment to allow: HJR 4200, SJR 8201
Infrastructure, local, state-issued public works bonds for: HB 1051, SB 5033, ESSB 5033
Lottery revenue bonds, authorizing for school construction: HB 1517, HB 1694, SHB 1694
Parks, state, capital projects at, general obligation bonds to fund: SB 5838, ESSB 5838
Redemption payments, levies for, period for increased levy: HB 1344, * SHB 1344, CH 296 (2017), SB 5062
Regional transit authorities, certain voter-approved taxes, for bond retirement only: HB 2197
Regional transit authorities, MVET-backed bonds, RTA defeasance of, when: SSB 5905
School district bonds and payment levies, allowing simple majority to authorize: HJR 4204
School district bonds and payment levies, requiring simple majority to authorize: HB 1778, HJR 4203, SB 5076, SJR 8202
School district bonds and payment levies, simple majority in general election for: HB 1779
State bond proceeds, state employee compensation using, prohibiting: SB 5999
Tacoma Narrows bridge, construction bond obligations, civil penalty revenue for: HB 1585