Topical Index

Campaigns, contributions, political committee requirements, auditor role: HB 2938
College and career readiness, new account funding for, auditor audits of use of: HB 2075, SB 5758, SSB 5758
Consolidated technology services agency, auditor performance audits of: HB 2404
Contracts, "contracting out" assessment and contractor ethical standards, auditor role: ESHB 1851
Duties and procedures, revising: EHB 2259, SB 5997
Health, department of, fee settings for health professions, performance audit of: SB 5538
Homeless programs, state, effectiveness and efficiency of, auditor to determine: SB 5656, SB 5864, SSB 5864
Housing finance commission, auditor to evaluate performance of: SB 6595
Legal action against state, by auditor, requirements: HB 1034
Noncompliance with state law, audit findings indicating, required procedures, when: SB 5372, * SSB 5372, CH 66 (2017)
Ombuds, office of corrections, creating, auditor role: ESSB 5465, 2SSB 5465
Regulatory fairness act, agency compliance, auditor performance review of: SHB 1120, * 2SHB 1120, CH 53 (2017)
School districts, levy funds basic and nonbasic education use, audits of: SB 5825
Telemedicine payment parity pilot program, auditor actuarial review of: SB 6399