Topical Index

               (See also CIVIL PROCEDURE)
Criminal record, employer prematurely asking applicant about, AG enforcement: HB 1298, SHB 1298, 2SHB 1298, SB 5312, ESSB 5312, SB 6110
Deadly force, law enforcement agency officers use of, AG reporting role: HB 1769
Deadly force, law enforcement and corrections officer use of, AG reporting role: HB 1529, SB 5073, SSB 5073
Growth management act ombuds, creating in AG's consumer protection division: HB 2584
Immigration enforcement, model policies for limiting, AG role: HB 1985, SB 5689
Initiatives, comprehensive review before filing, AG office role: HB 2620, SB 5386
Medicaid fraud control unit, establishing in AG office: HB 2273, SB 6051
Medicaid, false claims, penalties and recoveries, increasing, AG role: HB 2326, SB 6053
Military and veteran legal assistance, office of, creating in attorney general's office: HB 1055, * SHB 1055, CH 163 (2017), SB 5021, SSB 5021, 2SSB 5021
Minority and women-owned businesses, contracts with, AG enforcement, repealing: HB 1897
Public records requests, local agency consultation program, AG role: HB 1594, * ESHB 1594, CH 303 (2017)
Sexual assault kit initiative pilot project, creating in AG office: HB 1109
Sexual assault kit initiative summit, hosting of, AG role: HB 2353, HB 2648
Small businesses, enforcement action rights and protections, AG role: * HB 1352, CH 243 (2017), SB 5230
Standards, baseline federal, agency rules to be as stringent, AG role: SB 6083