Topical Index

               (See also AGRICULTURE)
Beef commission, assessment by, modifying provisions: SB 5793
Beef commission, financial transparency, and beef industry and cattle well-being: * EHB 2073, CH 256 (2017)
Food products businesses, omnibus permit process pilot program, establishing: HB 2133
Fuel, motor, posting retail tax rates on pumps, sticker for, department role: HB 2180
Hemp, industrial, regulatory framework feasibility, studying, department role: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Hemp, industrial, research program, department rule-making authority: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Livestock inspection, fees for, department role: HB 2018, SHB 2018, SB 5750, SSB 5750
Marijuana-infused edible food products, sanitary processing, department role: HB 1462, * SHB 1462, CH 138 (2017), SB 5324, SSB 5324
School meals, farm-to-school and small and direct marketing farm programs: HB 1508
School meals, farm-to-school and small farm direct marketing programs: 2ESHB 1508
Sediment management demonstration project in Pierce county, department role: HB 1660, SB 5611
Weights and measures program, authority, standards, fees, and penalties: HB 1773, SHB 1773
Wine commission, assessment levy, exempting mead production: HB 1176, * SHB 1176, CH 8 (2017)
Wine commission, tax revenue disbursement from winery sales to, when: HB 1040, SB 5427
Wolf predation, NE Washington wolf-cattle management grant, creating: HB 2126
Wolf predation, NE Washington wolf-livestock management grant, creating: * ESHB 2126, CH 257 (2017)
Wolf predation, northeast Washington wolf-cattle management grant, creating: HB 2125