Topical Index

Abortion services, health plan coverage: SB 6219
Abortion, reimbursement program for medical assistance-eligible persons: SB 6219
Elective, and certain organizations, public funds use prohibitions: HB 1002
Fetal body parts, aborted, prohibiting sale, donation, or use: HB 1243
Pain capable unborn child protection act, abortion restrictions and procedures: HB 1775
Parent or guardian notification and informed consent, requirements: HB 1003
Parental notification, requirements: SB 5320
Performing, nonphysicians prohibited from: HB 1971
Potassium chloride or digoxin, inducing abortion with, facility reporting of: HB 1776
Reproductive health care services reimbursement program, administering: SB 6105
Termination of pregnancy, voluntary, health plan coverage: HB 2409
Unlicensed outpatient surgery centers performing abortions, notice requirements: SB 6071