Topical Index

Elected officials, state, voluntary salary reduction: SB 6127
Garnishment of wages, modifying "disposable earnings" definition: SB 5194
Health care facilities, employees, meal and rest breaks and mandatory overtime, which employees: HB 1732
Labor hours of apprentice utilization, compliance with percentage as responsible bidder criterion: HB 2846, SB 6574
Labor hours, definition, modifying for public works apprenticeship utilization: * HB 1595, CH 48 (2015), SB 5734
Liens, wage liens for wage claims on real property, comprehensive provisions: HB 1518, SB 5567
Minimum wage act, amending: HB 1354, SHB 1354, 2SHB 1354, SB 5569
Minimum wage act, excluding athletes affiliated with a Western Hockey League team from "employee" for purposes of: SHB 1930
Minimum wage act, excluding athletes in amateur league or club from "employee" for purposes of: HB 1930
Minimum wage act, excluding junior ice hockey team members in certain leagues from "employee" for purposes of, when: * ESB 5893, CH 299 (2015)
Minimum wage act, person with disability with sheltered workshop or certain nonprofits to be "employee" for: SB 6133
Minimum wage complaints, good faith defense: SB 5514
Minimum wage rate, local, to apply equally to unionized and nonunionized employers, when: HB 2489
Minimum wage rate, meeting through total compensation: HB 2291
Minimum wage, increasing by rate of inflation: SB 5384
Minimum wage, increasing hourly wage: HB 1355, SB 5285, SB 6087
Minimum wage, providing living wage through new rates and tax relief and exemption for certain businesses: SB 6029
Overpayment of wages, recovery by employer, application of provisions to municipal corporations: HB 2630, SB 6090
Overtime compensation complaints, good faith defense: SB 5514
Overtime, joint legislative-executive overtime oversight task force, creating: * E2SHB 1725, CH 30 (2016)
Railroad employees, yardmaster working hours: HB 1284, SHB 1284, SB 5696
Retaliation and discrimination against employees, providing protections: HB 1354, SHB 1354, 2SHB 1354, SB 5569
Salary or wage increases, state and higher education, collective bargaining agreement requirements: SB 5979, SSB 5979
Salary payment by counties, draw day requirements: * HB 2391, CH 126 (2016), SB 6155
Salary, deferred compensation program, modifying while expanding optional deferral programs: SB 6435
Salary, optional deferral programs, including money-purchase retirement savings plan: SB 6435
Scheduling employees to avoid employer health care coverage responsibility under affordable health care act: HB 1931
Scheduling employees to avoid employer health care coverage responsibility, employer responsibility penalty: SB 5895
School employees, certificated instructional staff, new statewide salary schedule for: HB 1854
State patrol, commissioned officer salaries, increasing: HB 2914
State patrol, officer salaries and benefits, competitive: HB 1580, SB 5304, SB 6331, SB 6547, SSB 6547
State patrol, officer salaries, competitive: SHB 2872
State patrol, one-time pay increase for troopers, sergeants, lieutenants, and captains: * E2SHB 2872, CH 28 (2016)
State patrol, trooper and sergeant salaries, competitive: * E2SHB 2872, CH 28 (2016)
State preemption and occupation of field of wages and hours, provisions: HB 2491, SB 6029
Teen summer employment wage, creating: SB 5421
Teen training wage, establishing: SB 5422
Thanksgiving day, retail or service employees working on, employer and wage requirements: HB 1694
Wage limit, state average, to be state retirement system maximum compensation for applying contribution rates: SB 6005
Wage payment laws, responsible bidder criteria to include compliance with: HB 1089, SHB 1089, SB 5050
Wage payment, post-employment, offering methods without transaction costs or need for account: ESHB 1211
Wage payment, post-employment, payment by paper check at employee request: HB 3003
Wage payment, post-employment, transaction costs for obtaining wages, prohibiting: HB 1211
Wage violations, unlawful withholding or rebating, damages: HB 1006, SHB 1006, SB 5568
Wages and hours, local regulation of, county authority for: SB 6578, SSB 6578
Wages and hours, local, to apply equally to unionized and nonunionized employers, when: HB 1934, SB 5332
Wages and hours, state preemption and occupation of field of, provisions: HB 2491
Wages, aerospace industry, statewide wage requirement for certain tax incentives: HB 1786, SHB 1786
Wages, communications between employees concerning compensation, protecting: SB 6651, SB 6655
Wages, discrimination based on sex, prohibiting: SB 6651, SB 6655
Wages, equal pay opportunity act: HB 1646, ESHB 1646, SB 5630, SB 6442
Wages, payroll cards for, restricting fees for use: HB 2505, SHB 2505
Wages, public agency pay schedules, review of for pay disparities, JLARC to conduct: SB 6651, SB 6655
Youth wage, authority for paying: HB 2291