Topical Index

Advertising, commercial, on DOT web sites and social media, department authority to sell: HB 2650, SB 6359
Aircraft carriers, for military tribute bridge, DOT to contact U.S. Navy: HB 2123
Apprenticeship programs for workforce development, modifying, DOT role: * ESB 5863, CH 164 (2015)
Auto malls, directional signs on state highways, authorizing DOT installation, when: HB 2555, SB 6468
Aviation airport aid grant program, funding with aircraft excise tax revenues: HB 1526
Design-build contracting, DOT implementation, expert review panel concerning: SB 5997
Design-build contracting, joint transportation committee to conduct review study: * 2ESSB 5997, CH 18 (2015)
Duties, transportation-related, transferring certain duties from OFM to DOT: * E2SSB 5315, CH 1 (2015)
Electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, loan and grant pilot program, DOT role: HB 2087, SHB 2087
Emergency vehicles, toll bridge charges exemption for, department role: SB 6653
Engineering and technical workforce, design-build procedure use staffing reductions: HB 1662
Fish passage barrier removal activities, compensatory mitigation: SB 5996
Fish passage barrier removal, environmental legacy stewardship account funding: SB 5991, ESSB 5991
Graffiti, on state-owned transportation facilities, removal by DOT: SB 5764
Highway construction, design-build procedure for projects, DOT role: HB 1662, SB 5054, SB 5997, * 2ESSB 5997, CH 18 (2015)
Highway construction, engineering errors, DOT reporting: SB 5053, SB 5996, * 2ESSB 5996, CH 17 (2015) PV
Highway construction, practical design principles, DOT implementation: HB 2012, * ESHB 2012, CH 12 (2015)
Highway projects, bridge construction by waterway, recreational access feasibility: HB 2660, ESB 6044, SB 6363, * SSB 6363, CH 34 (2016)
Highway projects, expedited permitting by various agencies for, DOT role: SB 5855
Lands for highway purposes, including improvements and airspace, rental or lease of, valuation requirements: SB 6623
LEAN & performance & accountability approach, DOT duties: * 2ESSB 5996, CH 17 (2015) PV
Loads, public highway vehicle requirements and violations, department exemption: HB 2818
Projects, DOT, coordinating SEPA and NEPA reviews, work group on: * 2ESSB 5994, CH 15 (2015)
Projects, DOT, final permit determinations, city, town, or county deadline for: * 2ESSB 5994, CH 15 (2015)
Projects, DOT, local shorelines review and permits exemption for: * 2ESSB 5994, CH 15 (2015)
Projects, DOT, to evaluate environmental impacts to transit authority operations: HB 2757
Projects, review, permitting, and approval of, streamlining and efficiencies: * 2ESSB 5994, CH 15 (2015)
Projects, state transportation corridor, various local permits, etc., DOT exemption: SB 5994
Projects, streamlined environmental decision making approach, DOT role: SB 5996, * 2ESSB 5996, CH 17 (2015) PV
Projects, with NEPA requirements, expedited environmental review and approval, DOT role: SB 5996
Property of DOT, surplus, selling or exchanging, modifying provisions: SB 5820, * ESSB 5820, CH 13 (2015)
Public transit, central Puget Sound, DOT and municipality reporting: HB 1842, * ESHB 1842, CH 11 (2015)
Public transit, central Puget Sound, transit coordination grant program, DOT role: * ESHB 1842, CH 11 (2015)
Public-private partnership projects, repealing existing act and creating new office within DOT: SB 5862
Rail fixed guideway systems, safety and security oversight, DOT as state agency for: HB 2649, SB 6358, * SSB 6358, CH 33 (2016)
Regional mobility grant program, selection criteria for, DOT role: HB 1842, * ESHB 1842, CH 11 (2015)
Royal Slope railroad right-of-way, transfer by DOT to Port of Royal Slope: HB 1586, * SHB 1586, CH 281 (2015), SB 5529, SSB 5529
School buses, toll bridge charges exemption for, department role: SB 6643
Shoreline management act, local review under, DOT exemption for certain projects and activities: HB 1850, SHB 1850, E2SHB 1850
Speed limit, on highways, increasing maximum for any highway, DOT authority for: * HB 2181, CH 58 (2015) PV
State route 2 trestle, intending to fund DOT preliminary work for replacing: SB 6567
State route 26, improvements to, DOT feasibility study concerning: HB 2683
Storm water control facilities, rate charges paid by DOT, modifying provisions: * SB 5314, CH 231 (2015)
Storm water permit compliance, legacy, environmental legacy stewardship account funding: SB 5991, ESSB 5991
Surplus DOT property, former owner right of repurchase: HB 1585, SHB 1585
Surplus DOT property, time limit for selling: SB 5902
Toll facilities, amnesty program, DOT to administer: SB 5481
Toll facilities, educational opportunity when toll payment is late, DOT to provide: * SSB 5481, CH 292 (2015)
Toll facilities, Tacoma Narrows bridge, private enterprise services and toll collection, DOT role in creating: HB 2717
Transportation partnerships Washington, office of, creating within DOT: SB 5862