Topical Index

Anticipated taxes and assessments, collection when recording boundary line documents, eliminating: HB 1798
Assessments, review of, commercial property filing charge waiver, requirements: HB 1658, SB 5876
Assessments, review of, commercial property rental income and expense statements, requirements: HB 1657, SB 5875, SSB 5875
Assessments, review of, comparable sales and other valuation criteria, requirements for: HB 1656, SB 5588
Conservation futures program, parks and recreation land acquired through, maintenance and operations funds: HB 2079, SB 5614
Cultural access programs, property tax levies for: HB 1107, SHB 1107, 2SHB 1107, HB 2247, HB 2263, * ESHB 2263, CH 24 (2015), SB 5463, SSB 5463
Delinquent taxes, collection when costs higher than outstanding assessment, exemption for treasurers from: HB 2981
Delinquent taxes, eliminating penalties for: HB 1333, SB 5439
Delinquent taxes, foreclosure when electric utility recorded interest in easement: * HB 2457, CH 98 (2016)
Delinquent taxes, partial payment, methods for: SB 5654
Delinquent taxes, waiving penalties for circumstances beyond taxpayer's control: SSB 5439
Easements, as part of general assessment, modifying requirements: SB 6169
Eliminating state property tax in connection with imposition of state income tax: SB 6114, SB 6559
Equalization, county boards of, procedures for petitions to and appeals before: HB 1656, HB 1657, HB 1658, SB 5588, SB 5875, SSB 5875, SB 5876
Fish and wildlife, lands managed by DFW, payments to counties in lieu of property taxes: HB 2891, SB 5750
High capacity transportation systems, funding partly through property tax levies: HB 1180, SHB 1180, SB 5128
Historic buildings, rehabilitation of, temporary tax increase to fund: HB 2688
Improvements to tax code without affecting revenue collections, various: SB 5275, * SSB 5275, CH 86 (2015)
Intangible property, levying tax on, with certain exemptions: SB 6093
Intangible property, taxation of: SB 6111
Levies, by regional transit authority: HB 1300, SB 5358
Levies, flood control zone districts, exempting from certain levy limitations: * HB 1940, CH 170 (2015) PV, SHB 1940, SB 5799, SSB 5799
Levies, for emergency medical services, adjusting levy cap: HB 1251
Levies, for public hospital districts, conditions and restrictions, when: SB 6008
Levies, for schools, eliminating district local basic education levy dependency: HB 2366, ESHB 2366, SB 6195, * E2SSB 6195, CH 3 (2016)
Levies, for schools, extending current local enrichment policies: HB 2361, EHB 2698, SB 6353
Levies, for schools, including certain levies in four-year operating budget outlook "projected maintenance level": HB 3006
Levies, for schools, local district levy authority and local effort assistance: EHB 2698, SB 6183
Levies, for schools, local levy reduction, levy equalization, and state property tax offset: SB 6109
Levies, for schools, reducing by prior school year allocations for K-12 salary enhancements: SB 6103
Levies, for schools, reducing reliance on local levies: SB 6104, SB 6109
Levies, for schools, reducing reliance on local levies with aid of state income tax: SB 6114
Levies, for schools, reducing while increasing property tax to fund education: SB 5334
Levies, for schools, reforming district levies, requiring legislative action for: SSB 6195
Levies, for schools, reliance on local funds in legislation with school district fiscal note, prohibiting: HB 2714, HB 2862
Levies, limitation, impact on cities, counties, special purpose districts, and property owners, studying: HB 2258
Levy, state property tax, annual reductions: HB 1444
Payment of current or delinquent taxes, partial payment, methods for: SB 5654
Refunds of taxes paid, when property description in error: SB 5276, * SSB 5276, CH 174 (2015)
State land improvement financing, regular property tax revenues for, distribution: * HB 2842, CH 192 (2016), SB 6580
Treasurer, county, retaining percentage of taxes collected: SB 5677
Valuation, real property, constitutional amendment to set base years for: SJR 8203
Valuation, setting base years and limiting increases through adjusted valuation, when: SB 5525
Waivers, hardship, for interest and penalties, modifying provisions: HB 1539, SHB 1539