Topical Index

Behavioral health services, combined mental health and chemical dependency purchasing, repealing 2014 act: HB 2228
Behavioral health services, task force on aligning with primary health care: * E3SHB 1713, CH 29 (2016), SB 6544, SSB 6544, 2SSB 6544
Chemical dependency treatment, program certification, transferring duties from DSHS to department of health: HB 1888, SHB 1888
Child abuse or neglect, allegations, department notification of military when involving military family: HB 1150, * SB 5079, CH 6 (2015)
Child abuse or neglect, certain records concerning certain reports of, modifying department role: HB 1672
Child abuse or neglect, intake and family assessments and investigations: HB 1883
Child abuse or neglect, notices of founded and unfounded findings, DSHS mailing of: HB 2915, SB 6495
Child care worker background checks, by department of early learning, DSHS to provide access to records for: HB 2621, ESHB 2621
Child protective services, near fatality in context of abuse or neglect, review of files and actions, when: SB 5888, SSB 5888, * 2SSB 5888, CH 298 (2015)
Child support orders, licensees not in compliance with, notice to responsible parent by DSHS: HB 2915, SB 6495
Child support, gambling payment intercept program, department role: HB 1801, SB 5388
Child support, income withholding orders from DSHS, employer funds remittance to registry by electronic means: SB 6499
Child welfare services, behavioral rehabilitation services, reimbursement rates for, department role: HB 2095, SB 5852, SSB 5852
Child welfare services, demonstration sites and performance-based contracts effects review, extending expirations: * EHB 2749, CH 184 (2016)
Child welfare services, demonstration sites for performance-based contracts, extending expirations: SB 6382, SSB 6382
Child welfare services, DSHS confidential records disclosure for foster care purposes: 3SHB 1999, * 4SHB 1999, CH 71 (2016)
Child welfare services, near fatality, review of: SB 5888, SSB 5888, * 2SSB 5888, CH 298 (2015)
Children, newborn, safe surrender at health care facilities, information concerning, DSHS to compile: HB 2939, SB 6586
Continuing care retirement communities, certification and operating, DSHS role: HB 2726
Continuing care retirement communities, registration and operating, DSHS role: SHB 2726, * 2SHB 2726, CH 183 (2016)
Criminally insane, competency restoration, time periods and alternative locations for, department role: SSB 5177, * 2E2SSB 5177, CH 7 (2015)
Dementia, purple card alert system for caregivers of persons with, DSHS role, including advisory group: HB 2835, SHB 2835
Dependency proceedings, petitions, probation officer role, exception for DSHS: SB 6383
Developmental disabilities, persons with, assessment and visitation, DSHS role: SSB 6564, * E2SSB 6564, CH 172 (2016)
Developmental disabilities, persons with, individual and facility assessments, DSHS role: SB 6564
Developmental disabilities, persons with, near fatality and fatality reviews, DSHS role: SSB 6564
Developmental disabilities, persons with, vulnerable adult fatality reviews, DSHS role: * E2SSB 6564, CH 172 (2016)
Diabetes, agency goals, benchmarks, and plans, department role: HB 1835, * SB 5689, CH 56 (2016)
Domestic violence, community-based services and emergency shelter programs, standards, department role: EHB 1729, SB 5631, * SSB 5631, CH 275 (2015)
Electronic benefit cards, photo identification requirement, department role: HB 1908
Electronic benefit transfer cards, for food assistance benefits, college student on-campus use, department role: HB 1820, SB 5794
Facilities for criminally insane, outings from, repealing certain procedures: HB 1419
Facilities for criminally insane, transfer to, reports concerning: * HB 1599, CH 253 (2015), SB 5266
Facilities for criminally insane, transfer to, reports concerning, advancing an effective date affecting HB 1599: SB 6118
Forensic mental health services, office of, establishing within DSHS: * 2E2SSB 5177, CH 7 (2015), SB 5792
Foster care services, extended, department role, modifying provisions: HB 1735, SHB 1735, 2SHB 1735, SB 5740, * SSB 5740, CH 240 (2015)
Home and community-based long-term care services, staff resource hours for client needs, DSHS to study: HB 1904, SB 5802
Homeless youth, homeless youth prevention act, prevention measures: SB 5932
Homeless youth, office of homeless youth prevention programs, creating within DSHS: SB 5932
Hospitals, former northern state hospital site, maximum lease term for: SHB 2035, SB 5887, * SSB 5887, CH 99 (2015)
Hospitals, state, civil patient treatment alternatives to care at, DSHS role: SB 6656, * ESSB 6656, CH 37 (2016) PV
Hospitals, state, DSHS to increase psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioner use at state hospitals: SB 6656
Hospitals, state, increasing function of, DSHS role: SHB 2453, E2SHB 2453, * ESSB 6656, CH 37 (2016) PV
Hospitals, state, joint legislative executive psychiatric state hospital collaborative task force, establishing: SHB 2453
Hospitals, state, performance management systems, establishing, DSHS role: SB 6541, SSB 6541
Hospitals, state, select committee on quality improvement in, establishing: E2SHB 2453, * ESSB 6656, CH 37 (2016) PV
Hospitals, state, staffing practices and safety concerns, DSHS role: SB 6656, * ESSB 6656, CH 37 (2016) PV
Hospitals, western and eastern state, employees of, collective bargaining and binding interest arbitration for: SB 5885
Hospitals, western and eastern state, joint select committee on state hospital oversight, establishing: HB 2453
Hospitals, western and eastern state, legislative state hospital authority, creating: HB 2453
Hospitals, western and eastern state, regional support network overuse of beds, reimbursements to DSHS: SB 5779
Hospitals, western state hospital, contracting for community policing services: HB 1756, SHB 1756, SB 5261, SSB 5261
Immunizations, for influenza, foster home lack of proof of, DSHS denial of license due to, prohibiting: HB 2108
Incapacitated adults, alleged theft or financial exploitation by guardian, investigation and action by DSHS: SB 5945
Interpreters, spoken language services, purchasing from language access providers: HB 1780, SHB 1780, SB 5664
Jails, health care services and medications for persons in, communication about, establishing work group to study: SHB 2501
Juvenile offender medium security basic training camp program, optional establishment by DSHS: * HB 2217, CH 23 (2015)
Medical assistance, medical and behavioral health services via managed care in regional service area, certain reimbursements, when: SB 5924
Nursing facility medicaid payment system, increased staffing standards for, DSHS to study impact of: HB 2137, SB 6010
Nursing facility medicaid payment system, new rate-establishing system, DSHS role: HB 1274, * SHB 1274, CH 2 (2015), SB 5152, SSB 5152, E2SSB 5152
Nursing homes, case mix classification methodology, modifying: SB 6335, SSB 6335
Nursing homes, staffing standards and payment methodology, DSHS role: * SHB 1274, CH 2 (2015), HB 1784, SHB 1784, HB 2466, HB 2678, * SHB 2678, CH 131 (2016), E2SSB 5152, SB 6240, SSB 6240
Offenders, terms completed before 21, rehabilitative and reentry services, DSHS role: * HB 1674, CH 156 (2015), SB 5663
Overpayments, recovery of, withhold and deliver order, serving by regular mail or electronically: HB 2915, SB 6495
Performance management systems, department to develop using Baldridge excellence framework: SSB 6544
Poverty, intergenerational poverty reduction commission and poverty advisory committee, creating: ESHB 2518
Poverty, intergenerational poverty reform commission and poverty advisory committee, creating: HB 2518
Poverty, intergenerational within families, tracking system for, establishing, DSHS role: HB 2518, ESHB 2518
Records, certain data collected by DSHS, repealing disclosure exemption for: * HB 2663, CH 182 (2016)
Residential habilitation centers, provisions, DSHS role: HB 1366, HB 2860, SB 5243, SSB 5243, E2SSB 5243
Special commitment center, sexually violent predators in, seeking federal benefits for reimbursement: HB 1775, * SB 5693, CH 271 (2015)
Taxpayer information, federal, certain applicants who will have access to, criminal history checks: HB 2737, SB 6252
Voter registration, persons with disabilities, information with assistance or services application for, DSHS role: SHB 2682
Youth homeless services and programs, transferring in certain cases to department of commerce: HB 1436, SHB 1436, 2SHB 1436, SB 5404, SSB 5404, * 2SSB 5404, CH 69 (2015)
Youth, blended funding projects for, eliminating reporting requirement: * EHB 2883, CH 197 (2016)