Topical Index

Alternative process for contract-awarding, U of W medical facilities: HB 1693, SHB 1693, SB 5141, SSB 5141, ESB 6617
Alternative public works contracting, job order contracts, maximum total dollar amount for certain cities: HB 1957
Alternative public works contracting, job order requirements, applying to department of enterprise services, when: HB 1634, * SB 5203, CH 173 (2015)
Applications for projects, prioritization of: HB 1959, HB 2146, SHB 2146, 2SHB 2146, SB 6637
Apprentice utilization, certain public works contracts, requirements: * 2ESB 5993, CH 40 (2015), SB 6031
Apprentice utilization, for certain tax preferences: HB 1038, SHB 1038
Apprentice utilization, labor hours percentage compliance as responsible bidder criterion: HB 2846, SB 6574
Apprentice utilization, modifying definition of labor hours for: * HB 1595, CH 48 (2015), SB 5734
Art, for higher education buildings, expending part of allocation during design phase, when: HB 2755, SHB 2755, SB 6409, SSB 6409
Art, for public buildings, eliminating purchases with public building construction appropriations: SB 5190
Bidding and contracts, best investment selection bidding process, authorizing as option: SB 5970
Bidding and contracts, building trades prime contractor must list for, adding building envelope: HB 1754, ESHB 1754
Bidding, responsible bidder criteria to include prevailing wage and public works training: HB 2844, SB 6571
Bidding, responsible bidder criteria to include wage payment laws compliance: HB 1089, SHB 1089, SB 5050
Bidding, supplemental bidder criteria, optional: HB 1711
Capital construction funds and accounts, state, inactive or obsolete statutes: * EHB 1859, CH 4 (2015), SB 5723
Cities, first-class, having employees perform projects, dollar threshold limitation for: HB 2953
Contractors, retainage bonds, requirements: HB 1575, * SHB 1575, CH 280 (2015)
Contracts, contractor payroll and apprentice utilization reporting to DES, requirements: SB 6031
Contracts, with county, provision requiring actions in superior court, void, when: * HB 1601, CH 138 (2015)
Counties, riverine or storm water project, having employees perform public works, dollar threshold limitation for: HB 2590, SHB 2590
Disaster areas, designated, area creation and public works financing with bonds and local sales and use tax: HB 2551, SB 6316, SSB 6316, 2SSB 6316
Discrimination, federal and state laws prohibiting, contractor compliance: SB 5462
Infrastructure, essential public, public works financing assistance program, establishing: 2ESB 5624
Infrastructure, local needs, periodic assessment of: SB 6637
Infrastructure, local needs, periodic assessment of and federal funding for: HB 1959, HB 2146, SHB 2146, 2SHB 2146
Infrastructure, public, state debt guarantee for, constitutional amendment to allow: 2ESJR 8204
Infrastructure, Washington investment trust, creating for funding of: HB 2967, SB 5553
Infrastructure, Washington publicly owned trust, creating for funding of: SB 5971
Loan interest rates, requirements and factors when determining: HB 1959, HB 2146, SHB 2146, 2SHB 2146, SB 6637
Loans, preconstruction and construction, investment grade efficiency audits for: HB 1959
Minority and women's business enterprises, regulatory oversight and investigation by, increasing: HB 1044
Prevailing wage, rate of, establishment through collective bargaining agreements: HB 1231, SB 6573
Prevailing wages, determining for certain trades, pilot project: HB 1254, SB 5951
Prevailing wages, establishing, stratified random sampling methodology for: HB 1073, SB 5775, SSB 5775
Prevailing wages, exemption, certain workers on transportation projects: HB 2014
Prevailing wages, exemption, for certain small cities: SB 5707
Prevailing wages, exemption, for public works youth recreation projects that include gang involvement prevention: SB 5931
Prevailing wages, exemption, for work performed by nonprofit organizations: HB 2015, SB 5953
Prevailing wages, in relation to tax preferences claimed by subsidy recipient on publicly subsidized work: SB 6654
Prevailing wages, intent and affidavit submission, contractor exemption, when: HB 1075, SB 5952, SSB 5952
Prevailing wages, intent statement, posting of, failure: HB 2803, SB 6572
Prevailing wages, limiting to labor at "site of the work": HB 1456
Prevailing wages, local government authority to opt out, when: HB 1455
Prevailing wages, optional electronic wage survey completion: * 2ESB 5993, CH 40 (2015)
Prevailing wages, residential construction: SB 5759
Prevailing wages, responsible bidder criteria to include public works training concerning: HB 2844, SB 6571
Prevailing wages, survey data from interested parties: HB 1074, SB 5950
Prevailing wages, survey tracking: HB 1072, SB 5774
Prevailing wages, to be applicable to publicly subsidized projects: SB 6615, SB 6654
Prevailing wages, various trades: HB 1254, SB 5951
Prevailing wages, violations, protections for employees reporting: HB 1354, SHB 1354, 2SHB 1354, SB 5569
Prevailing wages, worker wages recovery time period under laws governing: HB 2845, SB 6575
Public works assistance account, local government loan repayment amounts to, forgiving, when: SB 6508
Public works assistance account, management by public works board: HB 1959, SB 6508
School construction assistance program, dividing certain districts for space allocation purposes: HB 2161
School construction assistance program, educational space exclusions for: HB 2985, * SHB 2985, CH 159 (2016)
School construction assistance program, funding percentage, cost allowance, and space allocations: HB 2161, SB 5859
School facilities, to support STEM literacy and all-day kindergarten, grant programs: SB 5478
Schools, construction, labor and materials sales and use tax exemptions: HB 1583, SB 5927
Schools, siting inside and outside urban growth areas, creating legislative task force on school siting to consider: ESHB 1420
Schools, siting outside urban growth areas, authority for counties, when: HB 1420, HB 2586
Small public works projects, contractor retainage bonds and performance bonds, dollar thresholds: HB 2129, SB 5912
Small works roster, actions against retainage, unpaid wages and benefits recovery to be first priority: SHB 2933, 2SHB 2933
Small works roster, uniform, use by state agencies and local governments, authorizing: HB 2722, SHB 2933, 2SHB 2933, SB 6393, SSB 6393
Small works rosters, state agencies and local governments using, use of limited public works process by: HB 2722, HB 2933, SHB 2933, 2SHB 2933, SB 6393, SSB 6393
Subsidized public works, recipients of certain tax preferences or loans, apprentice utilization by: HB 1038, SHB 1038