Topical Index

Abolishing office of superintendent, in conjunction with creating department of education: HB 2947
Assessment of student learning, locally determined courses and transition courses, OSPI to study: 2EHB 2214, SHB 2214
Assessment of student learning, OSPI to appoint technical work group to review certain recommendations: SB 6040
Assessments, results, notifying students and their parents or guardians of, OSPI role: HB 2429, SHB 2429
Assessments, student assessment inventory tool, OSPI to obtain and distribute to districts: SB 6552
Assessments, student, using college readiness assessment for certificate of achievement, pilot program, OSPI role: HB 2919, SB 6473
Board of education, duties of, reevaluation by legislature and transfer of appropriate duties to OSPI: HB 2117
Buses, seat belts and other restraint systems, studying costs and benefits of, OSPI role: HB 2639
Career guidance Washington, developing as career and college readiness program model, OSPI to develop: HB 1864, SHB 1864
Certificated employees of office, membership in TRS: HB 1109, SHB 1109
Class size, reducing, K-3 class size reduction construction grant pilot program, OSPI role: * 2ESSB 6080, CH 41 (2015)
Class size, reducing, K-3 class size reduction grant program, OSPI role: SB 6080
Clean energy education program, developing and establishing, OSPI role: ESSB 5113
College bound scholarship program, enrollees, grant program for student support services programs for, OSPI role: SB 5856
Community learning center program, advisory council, OSPI to create: HB 1960, SB 5814
Computer science learning standards, adoption by OSPI: HB 1813, * SHB 1813, CH 3 (2015)
Data, disaggregated student data, requirements, superintendent role: HB 1541, SHB 1541, E2SHB 1541, 3SHB 1541, * 4SHB 1541, CH 72 (2016), HB 2608, SB 6192
Data, graduation rate collection and tabulation, modifying, OSPI role: HB 2743, SHB 2743
Day, less than six hours of instruction, waiver to allow, prohibiting granting by OSPI: HB 1805
Digital citizenship and safe technology use, including advisory committee, OSPI role: * SSB 6273, CH 59 (2016)
Disabilities, students with, interdisciplinary instruction and project-based learning, OSPI role: HB 1947, SHB 1947
Discipline task force, expanding membership of: SSB 6244, 2SSB 6244
Education, eliminating state board of and transferring duties and functions to OSPI: SB 5967
English language learners, transitional bilingual program instruction and teacher endorsements, OSPI role: SSB 6244, 2SSB 6244
Equity impact review process work group, OSPI to convene: HB 1899, SB 5718
Evaluations, of teachers and principals, comprehensive summative, steering committee and OSPI roles: SHB 1867
Financial education public-private partnership, curriculum requirements, superintendent role: HB 1121, SHB 1121, SB 5202, * SSB 5202, CH 211 (2015)
Firearm safety and hunter education high school elective course, superintendent role: HB 2325, SB 6515
Fiscal notes, school district, legislation with, prohibiting reliance on local levy or federal funds in: HB 2714, HB 2862
Foster youth, educational coordination program and outcomes indicators, OSPI role: 3SHB 1999, * 4SHB 1999, CH 71 (2016)
High school and beyond plans, best practices for, OSPI role: HB 1591, SHB 1591
Homeless students, grants for school district identification and support of: SHB 1682, E2SHB 1682, * 3SHB 1682, CH 157 (2016)
Integrated student supports protocol, including work group, establishing, OSPI role: E2SHB 1541, 3SHB 1541, * 4SHB 1541, CH 72 (2016), HB 2607, SB 6192
Jobs for Washington graduates program or other statewide curriculum or program, OSPI to administer: SHB 1864
Jobs for Washington graduates program, OSPI to administer: HB 1864
K-12 data governance group, data security plan and model plan for personally identifiable data: SB 5316, ESSB 5316
K-12 data governance group, student race and ethnicity data, collection protocols: HB 1541, SHB 1541, E2SHB 1541, 3SHB 1541, * 4SHB 1541, CH 72 (2016), HB 2608, SB 6192, SB 6244, SSB 6244, 2SSB 6244
K-12 data governance group, students from military families, guidelines for data on: HB 1149, SHB 1149, SB 5163, * SSB 5163, CH 210 (2015)
K-12 staff compensation, data concerning, OSPI role in collecting: HB 2366, ESHB 2366, SB 6195, SSB 6195, * E2SSB 6195, CH 3 (2016)
Kindergarten, all-day, all-day kindergarten facility grant program, creating, OSPI to administer: SB 5478
Language access by limited-English proficient parents and guardians, advisory committee, OSPI role: HB 2006, SB 5787, SSB 5787
Meals, reducing sugar content in school meals, OSPI to convene work group concerning: E3SHB 1295
Mental health professional collaboration time, professional collaboration lighthouse grant program for, OSPI role: 2SHB 1900
Mental health services for students, data concerning, districts to report to OSPI: SSB 6243, 2SSB 6243
Nutrition, at high-needs schools, expanding opportunities for, OSPI role: SB 6244, SSB 6244, 2SSB 6244
Online schools, attendance and truancy requirements applied to, OSPI role: * 2SHB 2449, CH 205 (2016) PV, SSB 6497, 2SSB 6497
Physical education, instructional and reporting requirements, compliance grant program, OSPI role: HB 2669, SHB 2669
Public instruction, office of superintendent of, elimination of: HJR 4216
Public speaking, leadership skills, and confidence, grades 2 through 5, establishing grant program for, OSPI role: HB 2833, SHB 2833
Quality education council, eliminating: ESHB 2239, HB 2272, * HB 2360, CH 162 (2016), SB 5392, SB 6130
Quality education council, students with disabilities or special needs, outcomes improvement, council role: HB 1947, SHB 1947
Race and ethnicity reporting guidelines, task force concerning, OSPI role: SHB 1541, E2SHB 1541, 3SHB 1541, * 4SHB 1541, CH 72 (2016), HB 2608, SB 6192
Reading to ensure academic development (READ) grant program, establishing, OSPI role: HB 2728
Restroom facilities, rules adopted by OSPI based on chapter 49.60 RCW, exempting schools from: HB 2941
Safety, annual school summits, OSPI and school advisory committee roles: * ESB 6620, CH 240 (2016)
School districts, employees of, labor market analysis of salaries and compensation, OSPI to conduct: SB 5890
School districts, large, dividing into two districts, legal framework and process for, OSPI role: HB 1860, HB 2048, SHB 2048
School districts, lean management and Baldrige performance excellence principles, implementing, OSPI role: SB 5837
Schools, students at low-achieving, moving to higher achieving school, when, procedures, OSPI role: HB 2729
Social and emotional training module, online, OSPI to create and maintain: SSB 6243, 2SSB 6243, * ESB 6620, CH 240 (2016)
Social emotional learning, K-12, work group to recommend benchmarks for, OSPI role: HB 1760, SHB 1760, SB 5688, SSB 5688, E2SSB 5688
Social media safety, common schools model curriculum for, preparation and availability of, OSPI role: HB 2254
Special education, special education administration, training for leaders in, OSPI role: SB 5905
Special education, special education state advisory council, establishing in OSPI: SB 5905
STEM literacy, specialized STEM facility grant program, creating, OSPI to administer: SB 5478
Student success, target goals and indicators, development of, OSPI role: SB 6182
Students protecting students program, establishing, OSPI role: HB 2823, SHB 2823, 2SHB 2823
Teaching positions, qualified applicants for, statewide initiative to increase, OSPI role: SB 6455, SSB 6455
Teaching positions, qualified applicants, statewide increase initiative, OSPI role: HB 2573, SHB 2573, E2SHB 2573, HB 2921, SB 6332, * E2SSB 6455, CH 233 (2016)
Technology literacy, demonstration by students, superintendent role: HB 1492, SHB 1492, SB 5229
Truancy, community truancy boards, grant funds for, OSPI role: * 2SHB 2449, CH 205 (2016) PV
Truancy, therapeutic truancy boards, grant funds for, OSPI role: HB 2449, SHB 2449
World language instruction, grades one through eight, studying: SHB 1445