Topical Index

               (See also CAMPAIGNS)
Candidates, for statewide office, criminal charges against or investigation of, disclosure: SB 6108
Commission operations, modifying for efficiency: SB 5309, SSB 5309
Compliance and investigations, commission to improve using certain funds: SB 6232
Elected officials, statewide, criminal charges against or investigation of, disclosure of: SB 6108
Electronic filing of certain statements and reports, when: HB 2563, HB 2697
Executive state officer, professional legislative staff members as, excluding legislative assistants: HB 2004
Financial affairs reporting, statement of financial affairs, requirements: HB 1397, SB 5308
Financial affairs reporting, suspending or modifying, for whom, when: HB 1397, SB 5308, SB 5309, SSB 5309
Government entities, payment of fee to public commission: SB 5867
Incidental committees, nonprofit organizations that are, disclosure requirements, commission role: HB 2256
Lobbying, by state agencies, prohibitions and restrictions, increasing: SB 6676
Lobbyists, electronic report-filing and commission role: HB 1058, HB 1085, SHB 1085, HB 2299, SHB 2299, HB 2697, SB 5867
Lobbyists, gifts from, requirements, prohibitions, reporting: HB 1083, HB 1914, HB 1979, SB 5383, SB 5386
Lobbyists, payment of fee to commission: SB 5867
Political committees, inside and outside state, standardizing disclosure requirements: HB 2561, HB 2697, SB 6208
Reports to commission, candidate or candidate's authorized committee, surplus funds deposit in account: HB 2560, HB 2697
Reports to commission, electronic filing: HB 2563, HB 2697
Reports to commission, special, for large contributions, electronic filing of: HB 2559, HB 2697
State employees and officers, gifts, including food and beverages, provisions: HB 1083, HB 1914, SB 5383, SB 5386