Topical Index

Advanced registered nurse practitioners, psychiatric, increasing use at state hospitals: SB 6656
Antipsychotic medications, children in foster care, second opinion review by psychiatric expert, requiring: * SHB 1879, CH 283 (2015), HB 1932, SHB 1932
Aversive mental health therapies, performing on patients under 18, prohibitions: SB 5870, SSB 5870
Beds, psychiatric, including psychiatric boarding, provisions: * EHB 2212, CH 22 (2015), SB 6086
Integrated care psychiatry, residency program in, funding slots with hospital safety net assessment: * 2EHB 2151, CH 5 (2015)
Integrated care psychiatry, training program in, developing and operating: SB 5947, SSB 5947, 2SSB 5947
Physician assistants, involuntary detention petitions and mental health services: * SSB 6445, CH 155 (2016)
Physician assistants, treatment order petitions and medication services role: SB 6445
Psychiatry, primary care psychiatric consultation services: HB 1140
Sexual orientation change efforts, on patients under 18, prohibitions: HB 1972, SB 5870, SSB 5870
Telemedicine, as audio-only consultation with other providers, PEBB plans and medicaid reimbursement for: HB 2927