Topical Index

Commercial parking businesses, parking charges imposed by, conditions: EHB 1443
Commercial parking businesses, passenger-only ferry district parking tax on: HB 1221, SHB 1221, HB 1300, SB 5242, SB 5358, SB 5987, * 2ESSB 5987, CH 44 (2015)
Electric vehicle charging stations, private use on private property not parking infraction: HB 2330
Mitigation of impact on parking of regional transit authority transportation facilities: HB 1751, SB 5343, ESSB 5343
Nonresidential parking facilities, local legislative authority imposition of tax on provision of: HB 2186
Students, fees for parking, school district authority: HB 1142
Water bodies, access to, small public land parcel parking requirements: HB 1056