Topical Index

Above-ground used oil collection tanks, transferring duties to building code council: HB 1310, SB 5271
Facilities, fossil fuels-refining or converting, notice of construction permits for, prohibiting issuance for certain areas: HB 2980
Fossil fuels industries and labor sectors they support, requesting federal support for: HJM 4011
Gas, natural or manufactured, sales to silicon smelters, public utility, sales, and use tax credits and exemptions: HB 2977, SHB 2977, SB 6684
Gasoline vapor control systems, stage II, analysis of requirements: HB 1891, SHB 1891, SB 5330
Methanol, manufactured in part from natural gas, machinery and equipment tax exemptions for, eliminating: HB 2982, SB 6650
Natural gas companies, emission limits: HB 1095, SHB 1095, * E2SHB 1095, CH 19 (2015)
Natural gas, compressed or liquefied, manufactured by municipality for municipal vehicles, B&O tax exemption: SHB 1966
Natural gas, compressed or liquefied, manufactured by transit agency for public transit, B&O tax exemption: HB 1966
Natural gas, liquefied, use in ferry system, requirements: SB 5426
Natural gas, renewable, production and distribution by public utility districts: * ESB 5424, CH 31 (2015)
Natural gas, renewable, production by public utility districts: EHB 1998
Oil refinery facilities, onshore and offshore, revising certain plans for handling crude oil for export: SB 6418
Oil transport, by railroad, contingency plans for biological oils and blends: SB 6576
Oil transport, contingency plans, limiting certain requirements to railroads hauling crude oil or petroleum products: HB 2896
Oil transport, contingency plans, notice, financial responsibility, and emergency response: HB 1449, * ESHB 1449, CH 274 (2015), SB 5087, SB 5834, SB 6418
Oil transport, private railroad crossings upgrades, cost allocation for: SB 6119
Oil transport, private railroad crossings, provisions concerning: HB 1449, * ESHB 1449, CH 274 (2015), SB 5087, SB 6119
Oil transport, safety of, hazardous materials emergency response reporting: SHB 2575
Oil transport, safety of, updating oil shipment study, master document, and report: HB 2575
Oil transport, spill prevention and response activities, including symposium on: SB 5057, SSB 5057, E2SSB 5057
Oil, crude and related products, siting and construction of pipelines for, studying: SB 6075
Oil, Keystone XL pipeline, requesting that the president and Congress take action to approve: SJM 8010
Petroleum, underground storage tanks, disclosure of proprietary reports: HB 1980, * ESHB 1980, CH 224 (2015) PV, SB 6020
Petroleum, underground storage tanks, establishing revolving loan and grant program: HB 2357, * SHB 2357, CH 161 (2016), SB 6187, SSB 6187, 2SSB 6187