Topical Index

Assault weapons and large capacity magazines, banning manufacture, when: HB 2354
Bisphenol A, in food and food and beverage packaging and containers, restrictions: HB 1984
Castings, for industrial applications, wax and ceramic materials for molds for, permanent sales tax exemption: HB 2066, SB 5702, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Chemicals, highly toxic, targeting and replacing, manufacturer requirements: HB 1472, SHB 1472, E2SHB 1472, SB 5406, SB 6131, SSB 6131
Chemicals, permanent chemical safety committee, establishing: SHB 1472
Clean technologies, joint center for deployment and research in earth-abundant materials, creating: HB 1897, * SHB 1897, CH 20 (2015)
Composite manufacturing and wholesaling, B&O tax credit for: HB 1764, SB 5701
Contact lens manufacturers, price agreements limiting retailer and customer options, prohibiting: HB 1847, SB 5489
Cross-laminated timber products, structures for manufacturing, tax exemptions in connection with: SB 6025
Firearms ammunition, parts, or accessories, manufacturers of, multiple tax preferences: HB 1442
Flame retardants, in children's products and upholstered furniture, limiting: HB 1174, SHB 1174, E2SHB 1174, HB 2545, * ESHB 2545, CH 176 (2016), SB 5056, SSB 5056, 2SSB 5056, SB 5684, SB 6131, SSB 6131, SB 6440, SSB 6440
High-technology businesses, research and development and certain manufacturing, tax credit and deferrals: HB 1769, HB 2809, SB 5665, SSB 5665, SB 6355
Imitation firearm manufacturing requirement act, requiring nondeceptive coloration for legal possession: HB 1692
Incandescent light bulbs, freedom act provisions concerning in-state manufacture: HB 1686
Industrial or manufacturing facility new construction, in targeted urban areas, property tax exemption: HB 2538, * ESB 5761, CH 9 (2015), SSB 5761
Intellectual property rights, assignment by state university students, staff, and faculty, exceptions and prohibitions: SB 6107
Inventions, assignment to employer of employee's rights to, exceptions: SB 6106
Jewelry, children's, cadmium standards for: HB 1049, SB 5021, SB 6042
Kluse, Mike, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, recognizing and honoring: * SR 8615 (2015)
Lumber, cross-laminated timber, promoting manufacture and use through tax preferences: HB 2857, SHB 2857
Manufacturing partnerships and development, department of commerce role: SB 6078
Methanol, manufactured in part from natural gas, machinery and equipment tax exemptions for, eliminating: HB 2982, SB 6650
Microbeads, synthetic plastic, prohibiting manufacture of personal care products containing: HB 1378, SB 5431, SB 5609, SSB 5609
Motor vehicle manufacturers, emission standards, falsely certifying vehicles as meeting: SB 6419
Motorcycle helmets, rider liability for manufacturer compliance failure, removing: HB 1244
Pacific Northwest manufacturing partnership advisory committee, appointing: SB 6078
Paint, architectural, producers to participate in paint stewardship plan: HB 1571, ESHB 1571, SB 5926, SB 6142
Phthalates, in food and food and beverage packaging and containers, restrictions: HB 1984
Prescription drugs, ultrahigh-priced, manufacturers to report to health care authority: SB 6471
Radar devices, deployment by law enforcement, requiring signed search warrant for: HB 2216
Rifles, short-barreled, exemption from prohibitions for persons manufacturing or repairing, when: HB 1722
Robotics, Auburn Mountainview High School FIRST robotics team, recognizing: * SR 8619 (2015)
Schools, technology sales to and use in public schools, sales and use tax exemption: SB 5907, SSB 5907
Sensing devices, extraordinary, use by government agencies, requirements and prohibitions: HB 1639, ESHB 1639, SB 5714
Solar energy modules, recycling, role of manufacturers: SHB 1912, HB 2346, SHB 2346, E2SHB 2346, SB 6188
Solar energy photovoltaic cells, silicon smelters' role in manufacturing of, tax credits and exemptions connected with: HB 2977, SHB 2977, SB 6684
Solar modules, financing, takeback, and recycling, stakeholder process concerning: * HR 4664 (2016)
Space exploration center of excellence, Washington state, creating: HB 2434, SHB 2434
Spacecraft, manufacturers of, B&O and sales and use tax preferences: HB 2226, SHB 2226
Steel slag, exemption from waste reduction provisions, when: * EHB 2400, CH 165 (2016)
STEM college degrees, awarding percentage of state need grants to students pursuing: SB 6512
STEM college degrees, state need grants and pursuit of, creating work group to study relationship: SSB 6512
STEM curricula, as part of career and college-ready lighthouse pilot project and advisory committee duties: HB 2948, SHB 2948
STEM experiences, creating and expanding instructional worksite learning pilot project: HB 2415, SB 6453
STEM fields, college degrees in, performance funding incentive system role in increasing: HB 2692
STEM teacher endorsements, teacher preparation programs with, opportunity scholarship program to include: HB 2881
Toy gun manufacturing requirement act, requiring nondeceptive coloration for legal possession: HB 1594
Transportation, information technology in, legislative task force on, establishing: HB 2956, SHB 2956
Turf, synthetic turf fields, manufacturer demonstration of safety of: HB 2547
Unmanned aerial vehicles, dangerous drone operations near correctional facilities, prohibiting: SB 6437, SSB 6437
Unmanned aerial vehicles, procedures and prohibitions: HB 2016, SB 6437, SSB 6437
Unmanned aircraft, nefarious drone enterprises, special allegation of: SB 5499
Unmanned aircraft, prohibitions: HB 1093, ESHB 1093