Topical Index

Aerospace industry employment, committee to assess, including high-wage employment: HB 2147, HB 2638, HB 2994
Corrections, department of, classified staff, binding interest arbitration for, committee to review: SB 6126, SSB 6126
Data privacy, protection, and access equity, office of, JLARC review of: HB 2875
Data, office of privacy and data protection, creating, JLARC review of: * SHB 2875, CH 195 (2016)
Degree production incentive program, joint committee to evaluate and report concerning: HB 1303
Family medicine residency programs, performance audit and evaluation of: HB 1485, SHB 1485
Family medicine residency training grant program, committee to audit: SB 5939
Federal funding programs, requiring changes in state statutes, committee to report concerning, when: SB 5594
Higher education cost data, for universities and TESC, committee to review: ESSB 5133
Homeless youth, unaccompanied, state-funded programs for, JLARC review of, goals: SB 5932
Impact fees, for single-family residential construction permits, deferred collection, JLARC review of requirements for: * ESB 5923, CH 241 (2015)
K-12 classroom teachers, maternity and paternity leave for, studying: SB 6431
Mental health care, service models for students, JLARC inventory of: HB 2373, SHB 2373, SHB 2439, * E2SHB 2439, CH 96 (2016), SB 6432, SSB 6494, 2SSB 6494
Pilotage commissioners, board of, performance audit of, committee to conduct: SB 6124
Reentry council, Washington statewide, JLARC performance audit of: HB 2791, SHB 2791, * 2SHB 2791, CH 188 (2016)
Schools sited outside urban growth areas, impact of, committee review of: HB 2586
Space exploration center of excellence, Washington state, JLARC evaluation of: HB 2434, SHB 2434
Spending programs, new statutory state, requiring periodic review by committee: HB 2537, ESB 5944
University of Washington alternative process for medical facilities contract-awarding, JLARC evaluation of: HB 1693, ESB 6617
Wages, public agency pay schedules, review of for pay disparities, JLARC to conduct: SB 6651, SB 6655