Topical Index

Appeals, certified check accompanying in certain cases, calculating amount: HB 2548
Basketball hoops, retractable, safety and health standards for, L&I role: SB 6386, SSB 6386
Catastrophically injured workers, care for, pilot program concerning, department role: SB 5418, SSB 5418
Conversion vending units, advisory committee concerning, L&I to convene: HB 2443, * SHB 2443, CH 167 (2016), SB 6496
Conversion vending units, L&I requirements, applicability and exemptions: HB 2443, * SHB 2443, CH 167 (2016), SB 6496
Conveyances, rules concerning, restricting application, when: HB 2549
Dairy farms, safety and health standards and dairy safety emphasis unit, L&I role: HB 2484, SHB 2484
Disabilities, permanent, hiring persons with, employer incentives, L&I to study: HB 1496, * SHB 1496, CH 137 (2015), SB 5451, SSB 5451
Electrical rules, nonadministrative, adoption voting requirement, modifying L&I process: HB 2810
Firefighters, hazardous exposures, reporting requirement, L&I rule making for: HB 2805, SHB 2805
Firefighters, occupational disease, reporting requirement, L&I to convene work group: HB 1604, * SHB 1604, CH 139 (2015)
Interpreters, spoken language services, purchasing from language access providers: HB 1780, SHB 1780, SB 5664
Janitors, commercial, work tasks safety and health risks, L&I to study: HB 2917
Ombuds for employers interacting with L&I, creating within department of commerce: SB 6081, SSB 6081
Pesticide applications, notice requirements, fines for violations, L&I role: HB 2392, SB 6507
Pesticides, human exposure to, investigation of and L&I role: HB 2751
Safety and health, industrial, L&I compliance inspection citation penalty, waiving, when: SB 6659
Taxpayer information, federal, certain applicants who will have access to, criminal history checks: HB 2737, SB 6252
Vocational rehabilitation, subcommittee recommendations, making permanent, L&I role: HB 1496, * SHB 1496, CH 137 (2015), SB 5451, SSB 5451
Workers' compensation, appeals of employer fines and civil penalties, penalizing L&I, when: SB 5507, SSB 5507
Workers' compensation, benefit accuracy working group, department to convene: * ESB 5510, CH 178 (2015)
Workers' compensation, permanent partial disabilities, continuing treatment: HB 1613, SHB 1613
Workers' compensation, self-insurer claims closure requests, L&I adjudication deadline for: HB 2336
Workers' compensation, third-party recovery, reimbursement of L&I from, when: SB 5508
Workers' compensation, voluntary settlement agreements and return to work provisions, studying, department role: SB 5516