Topical Index

Arrests or convictions, employers prematurely asking applicants about: HB 1701, SHB 1701, 2SHB 1701, SB 5608
Asbestos abatement projects, respirator requirements, employer compliance: HB 1181
Athletes, affiliated with a Western Hockey League team, excluding from "employee" for certain purposes: SHB 1930
Athletes, in amateur league or club, excluding from "employee" for certain purposes: HB 1930
Athletes, junior ice hockey team members in certain leagues, excluding from "employee" for certain purposes, when: * ESB 5893, CH 299 (2015)
Attorneys general, assistant, collective bargaining rights and interest arbitration, without the right to strike: HB 2034
Basketball hoops, retractable, inspection requirements and safety and health standards for: SB 6386, SSB 6386
Cell phones and plans, employee mandatory use, reimbursement by employer: HB 1510
Cesar Chavez day, recognizing March thirty-first as: HB 1560, SB 5565
Civil rights act, state, repealing preferential treatment prohibition and deleting act name: HB 2822
Communications, between employees concerning compensation, protecting: SB 6651, SB 6655
Communications, between workers concerning wages and employment, protecting: HB 1646, ESHB 1646, SB 5630, SB 6442
Dairy farms, safety and health standards and employee training, including violations: HB 2484, SHB 2484
Educational employees, during strike or stoppage, prohibiting compensation or sick leave or health benefits use: SB 6116
Educational employees, striking or refusing to perform official duties, prohibiting: HB 1242
Employee reproductive choice act, reproductive health care coverage and unfair practices: HB 1502, SB 5026, SB 6493
Family and medical leave insurance, implementing: HB 1273, SHB 1273, SB 5459
Farm internship pilot project, adding additional counties and expiration date: HB 2600, SB 5937
Firearms, storage or transportation in private vehicle, lawful, employer policy prohibiting, to be unlawful: HB 2951
Fossil fuels industries and labor sectors they support, requesting federal support for: HJM 4011
Health, industrial safety and health, L&I compliance inspection citation penalty, waiving, when: SB 6659
Human trafficking, definitions: HB 1651, SHB 1651, 2SHB 1651, * SB 5342, CH 4 (2016), SB 6526
Human trafficking, for labor services, posting information in public restrooms: SB 5883, SSB 5883, * ESSB 5884, CH 273 (2015)
Human trafficking, labor services and sex trade, establishing human trafficking awareness day: * SB 6376, CH 9 (2016)
Human trafficking, labor services and sex trade, noncitizen victims of, processing of certain certification forms: HB 2895, SHB 2895, HB 2912
Human trafficking, labor services and sex trade, nonimmigrant victims of, adjudicating of certain certifications: HB 1716, SHB 1716
Human trafficking, labor services and sex trade, Washington state clearinghouse on human trafficking, creating: SB 5884, * ESSB 5884, CH 273 (2015)
Human trafficking, state laws, criminal justice personnel training program on: HB 2098, SB 5933, * SSB 5933, CH 101 (2015)
Human trafficking, state task force against trafficking of persons, reestablishing: SB 5884, * ESSB 5884, CH 273 (2015)
Human trafficking, steps to reduce, supporting: * SR 8644 (2015)
Intellectual property rights, assignment by state university staff and faculty, exceptions and prohibitions: SB 6107
Interns, pilot program for youth interns at qualified restaurants: HB 1446
Inventions, assignment to employer of employee's rights to, exceptions: SB 6106
Local employment laws and contracts, to apply equally to unionized and nonunionized employers, when: HB 1934, SB 5332
Local regulation of wages, hours, employee retention, and leave, county authority for: SB 6578
Local regulation of wages, hours, employee retention, scheduling, and leave, county authority for: SSB 6578
Noncompetition agreements, voiding, when: HB 1577, HB 1926, HB 2406, HB 2931, SB 6625
Ports, state, requesting aid to resolve Pacific maritime association and longshore and warehouse union negotiations: SJM 8009
Pregnant women, workplace accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth, when: HB 2307, ESHB 2307, HB 2404, SB 6149, ESSB 6149
Public policy, conduct promoting, protecting employees from employer retaliation for: HB 1894
Retaliation and discrimination against employees, providing protections: HB 1354, SHB 1354, 2SHB 1354, SB 5569
Safety and health, industrial, L&I compliance inspection citation penalty, waiving, when: SB 6659
State preemption and occupation of field of wages and hours: HB 2491
State preemption and occupation of field of wages, hours, employee retention, and leave from employment: SB 6029
Unfair labor practices, ordering of interest arbitration: HB 1230
Unfair labor practices, subjecting employee to abusive work environment as: HB 2894, SB 6532
Unions, public employee collective bargaining, deauthorizing union security provisions: HB 2068, SB 5045
Unions, public sector, public disclosure of finances: ESB 5226
Unions, religious objector rights, nonassociation provisions, modifying: HB 1968, SB 5552, SSB 5552
Unions, security provisions, collective bargaining agreements with or without, requirements: HB 1777
Unions, security provisions, prohibiting when workers only public for bargaining: SB 5671
Unions, security provisions, prohibiting, exceptions: HB 1774
Vacation leave, minimum paid, requiring: HB 1163
Worker and community right to know fund, revising statutory provisions: * HB 2444, CH 168 (2016), SB 6231