Topical Index

               (See also HUMAN REMAINS)
Capitol lake, management as estuarine environment by tribes and state capitol committee: HB 2568
Child, abused, out-of-home emergency placement, background check request by tribe: * HB 2694, CH 49 (2016), SB 6391, SSB 6391
Dental health aide services for Indians: HB 1027, SB 5159
Dental health aide therapist services for Indians: HB 1441
Dental health aide therapist services for Indians, including treatment outcomes study: SHB 1441
Early care and education system, improving via early start act, tribe involvement: SHB 1491, * 2E2SHB 1491, CH 7 (2015), SSB 6059
Farmlands, preservation, tribe's use of certain account funds for riparian purposes: HB 2352
Fish and wildlife, tribal treaties and rights, fish and wildlife commission and governor roles: HB 2056
Frank, Billy, Jr., honoring: * SR 8659 (2015)
Fuel tax agreements with tribes, governor authority to enter into, repealing: SB 5830
Fuel tax agreements, authorizing, when: HB 1631, SHB 1631
Fuel taxes, collection of, when: SB 6193, SSB 6193
Hunting, limiting enforcement against tribal hunters, when: HB 1261
Indian services, commission on, creating: HB 1280
Investment authority and options of public entities, modifying provisions: HB 2936, SHB 2936, * ESB 6349, CH 152 (2016), SB 6596
Law enforcement agencies, tribal, state parks civil infractions enforcement, when: * SHB 2765, CH 185 (2016)
Marijuana, recreational and medical, including production and tribal marijuana tax, tribal-state agreements: * HB 2000, CH 207 (2015)
Marijuana, recreational and medical, including production, tribal-state agreements: SB 5848
Marijuana, tribal marijuana tax, in connection with tribal-state agreements: * HB 2000, CH 207 (2015)
Motor vehicles, sale to enrolled tribal member, documentation for exemption: HB 2783, ESHB 2783, SB 6427, * ESSB 6427, CH 232 (2016)
Native early child care and education, office of, creation: SB 5160
Paddle to Nisqually, 2016, recognizing participants in: * HR 4651 (2016), * SR 8695 (2016)
Prescription drug monitoring database, access for tribal officials: * HB 1637, CH 49 (2015), SB 5290
Property, used by tribe for economic development, property tax exemption provisions: SB 5811
School names, racially offensive, prohibiting: HB 2306
School names, using Redskins as school or athletic team name, prohibiting: SB 6190
Summit council on Indian affairs, joint, establishing with legislative-member administrative committee: HB 2032, SHB 2032
Telecommunications services, advanced, providing to reservations: SB 5157
Timber harvest excise tax, agreement between Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and governor: HB 1540, SHB 1540, SB 5472
Transportation projects, environmental review and permitting, involvement of tribes: SB 5996, * 2ESSB 5996, CH 17 (2015) PV
Tribal courts, solemnizing of marriages by judges: HB 1113
Tribal cultural resources, protection in context of forest land practices: HB 2658, SHB 2658, SB 6362
Tribal history and culture, teaching in common schools, requirements: HB 1511, SHB 1511, SB 5433, * SSB 5433, CH 198 (2015)
Tribal history and culture, using Since Time Immemorial curriculum in teacher preparation programs: SB 6189
Vapor products, sales and use and vapor products taxes, exemptions for Indian retailers, when: HB 1645, HB 2211, SHB 2211, SB 5573
Vapor products, tax on, governor tax agreement with Puyallup Tribe of Indians: HB 1645, HB 2211, SHB 2211, SB 5573
Vapor products, tax on, state-tribal contracts concerning: HB 1645, HB 2211, SHB 2211, SB 5573