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               (See also DEATH)
Cemeteries and public burying grounds, property tax exemption for, conditions: HB 2564
Cemeteries, abandoned, modifying definition and allowing burials in: HB 3004
Cemeteries, historic cemetery preservation capital grant program, creating: * HB 2637, CH 102 (2016)
Remains, deceased's religious beliefs, relevance of: * SSB 6261, CH 221 (2016)
Remains, mishandling or failing to report to coroner or ME, prohibitions: HB 2470, SB 6261
Remains, mishandling or not reporting to coroner, ME, or law enforcement: EHB 2775, * SSB 6261, CH 221 (2016)
Sale or commercial display, prohibiting: HB 2025, SB 5891, SSB 5891
Sale or display exclusively for commercial purposes, prohibiting: SHB 2025