Topical Index

Chemical action plans, department of ecology role: SSB 5056, 2SSB 5056, SB 6131, SSB 6131
Chemical action plans, selecting substances for: SB 5056, SSB 5056, 2SSB 5056, SB 6131, SSB 6131
Cleanup of waste sites, prioritizing to offset hazardous substance tax revenue decline: SB 6570, SSB 6570
Cleanup of waste sites, remedial action appeals, ensuring unaffected action continues, when: SB 5829, SSB 5829
Ecology, department of, environmental statutes involving, updating various: HB 2486, SHB 2486, SB 6257
Mercury-containing lights, environmental handling charge, B&O tax exemption: HB 1619, * SHB 1619, CH 185 (2015), SB 5563, SSB 5563
Mercury-containing lights, stewardship organization annual fee: SHB 2486
Nuclear waste repository, federal, requesting that Congress permanently site and develop: SJM 8000
Paint, architectural, producers to participate in paint stewardship plan: HB 1571, ESHB 1571, SB 5926, SB 6142
Pharmaceutical waste, sorting and disposal, convening work group to consider: ESHB 1845, * ESB 5577, CH 119 (2015)
Pharmaceutical waste, sorting and disposal, negotiated rule making with certain parties: HB 1845
Sediments, dredged contaminated, disposing of or reusing safely: HB 2566, SB 6436