Topical Index

Amusement games, modifying definition and clarifying regulatory authority: HB 2001, SHB 2001
Child support, gambling payment intercept program, establishing: HB 1801, SB 5388
Fantasy sports contests, classifying as contests of skill: HB 1301, SB 5284, SB 6333
Fantasy sports games, constituting illegal gambling, when: HB 2370
Gambling devices or components, possession by business without license, when, requirements: HB 2027, SB 5800
Gambling devices, license for possessing for manufacture, repair, or research and development, issuance of: SSB 5800
Gambling information transmissions, prohibitions, excluding networking services providers from, when: SB 6566
Poker, internet, authorizing for money: HB 1114
Raffles, enhanced, by organizations for persons with intellectual disabilities: SB 6449, * SSB 6449, CH 116 (2016)