Topical Index

Advisory committees, Vashon island committee, appointment of members: * EHB 2745, CH 25 (2016)
Construction of ferry vessels, capital vessel replacement account, certain vehicle-related fees deposited in: HB 2739, HB 2762, SB 6373
Construction of ferry vessels, design-build purchasing and other requirements: SB 5992, * 2ESSB 5992, CH 14 (2015)
Construction of ferry vessels, design-build, bidding requirements: HB 2240
Construction of ferry vessels, new for certain routes, repealing provision: HB 2240
County ferry districts, in portion of county, creation and vessel replacement surcharge: HB 2344, SHB 2344
County-owned ferry systems, deficit reimbursement agreements with: HB 1318, * SB 5307, CH 230 (2015)
Employees, ferry, collective bargaining agreements, digital copy submission: ESB 5854
Employees, ferry, collective bargaining for certain contracts by employee organizations and certain persons: HB 2078
Employees, ferry, collective bargaining to be considered as open public meetings: HB 2829, SB 6126, SSB 6126
Employees, ferry, collective bargaining to be open public meetings: HB 2490, SSB 5329
Employees, ferry, collective bargaining unit representatives, periodic certification elections: SSB 6410
Natural gas, liquefied, use in ferry system, requirements: SB 5426
Passenger-only ferry service districts, creating and funding: HB 1221, SHB 1221, HB 1300, SB 5242, SB 5358, SB 5987, * 2ESSB 5987, CH 44 (2015)
Regional transportation planning organizations, counties with ferry terminals forming: * HB 2815, CH 27 (2016)
Transportation projects and activities, shoreline management act local review exemption for DOT: HB 1850, SHB 1850, E2SHB 1850
Vessels and terminals, flags flown on, limiting: HB 2702
Vessels and terminals, permissible work by state forces on, monetary threshold: HB 1844, * ESHB 1844, CH 282 (2015)