Topical Index

Applications and permits, requiring consistent and prompt agency decision making: SB 5197, SSB 5197
Clean technologies, joint center for deployment and research in earth-abundant materials, creating: HB 1897, * SHB 1897, CH 20 (2015)
Cultural resources and art, as components of state environmental policy: HB 2972, SB 6646
Environmental permit applications, review of, notice to residents of highly impacted communities, when: SB 5618
Environmental statutes, various involving department of ecology, updating: HB 2486, SHB 2486, SB 6257
Hazards, exposure to, forming permanent cumulative impacts task force: SB 6121
Local project review, vested rights doctrine, preserving common law interpretation and application: HB 1394, HB 2062, ESB 5921
Malmgren, Nancy Ruth, honoring for her work in the Seattle community: * SR 8674 (2015)
Projects of statewide significance, for environmental conservation or efficiency: ESB 5111
SEPA, categorical exemption for certain minor actions for urban growth area infill development: SB 5964
SEPA, categorical exemption for short plat or short subdivision approval, authorizing: SB 5964
SEPA, categorical exemption permits, DOT deadline: SB 5855
SEPA, categorical exemptions for certain development proposals: HB 1588
SEPA, categorical exemptions for transportation maintenance, rules update: SB 5996
SEPA, certain transportation projects, exemption from SEPA review, when: HB 2013
SEPA, DOT projects to evaluate environmental impacts to transit authority operations: HB 2757
SEPA, environmental impact statement provisions: HB 1588
SEPA, environmental reviews under, coordinating SEPA and NEPA analysis: SB 5969, SB 5996, SB 6527
SEPA, environmental reviews under, coordinating SEPA and NEPA, work group on: * 2ESSB 5994, CH 15 (2015)
SEPA, environmental reviews under, with or without NEPA review requirements, deadlines: SB 5969, SB 6527
SEPA, exemption for DFW natural resource management, when: HB 1589
SEPA, exemption for transportation projects categorically excluded under NEPA: SB 5994
SEPA, exemption for watershed management actions by watershed improvement district, when: HB 2616, SB 6175
SEPA, exemptions for certifications under certain federal acts: SB 5969, SB 6527
SEPA, judicial review of decisions, adversely affected person's cause of action: HB 1587
SEPA, noncompliance challenge exception for proposed development including low-income housing: HB 2763
SEPA, regulatory agency coordination, fostering through regulatory innovation and assistance office: SB 6223, SSB 6223, SB 6669, SSB 6669
SEPA, use of NEPA documents in decisions, rules update: SB 5996
Transportation projects, streamlined environmental decision making approach: SB 5996, * 2ESSB 5996, CH 17 (2015) PV