Topical Index

Arrests or convictions, employers prematurely asking applicants about: HB 1701, SHB 1701, 2SHB 1701, SB 5608
Background checks, criminal, of employees of private cloud service providers, proprietary information relating to, disclosure exemption: ESHB 2604
Background checks, criminal, of private employees, proprietary information relating to, disclosure exemption: HB 2604, SB 6356
Bullying in workplace, subjective employee to abusive work environment, as unfair labor practice: HB 2894, SB 6532
Cell phones and plans, employee mandatory use, reimbursement by employer: HB 1510
Child support, income withholding orders, employer funds remittance by electronic means: SB 6499
Communications, between employees concerning compensation, protecting: SB 6651, SB 6655
Communications, between workers concerning wages and employment, protecting: HB 1646, ESHB 1646, SB 5630, SB 6442
Dairy farms, safety and health standards and employee training, including violations: HB 2484, SHB 2484
Family and medical leave insurance, implementing: HB 1273, SHB 1273, SB 5459
Health care insurance, cost-sharing for certain health care, restricting: HB 2408, SHB 2408, SB 6266
Health care, affordable care act employer responsibility penalty, extending to certain employers, when: HB 1931
Health care, employees covered by medical assistance, employer responsibility penalty and related provisions: SB 5895
Inventions, assignment to employer of employee's rights to, exceptions: SB 6106
Job losses, large, in impacted areas, preferences for eligible entities, workers, and projects: SB 6478
Leave, sick and safe, minimum standards: HB 1356, SB 5306
Local employment laws and contracts, to apply equally to unionized and nonunionized employers, when: HB 1934, SB 5332
Local regulation of wages, hours, employee retention, and leave, county authority for: SB 6578
Local regulation of wages, hours, employee retention, scheduling, and leave, county authority for: SSB 6578
National guard, state active duty service by member, employment rights: HB 2390, * SB 6202, CH 12 (2016)
Noncompetition agreements, voiding, when: HB 1577, HB 1926, HB 2406, HB 2931, SB 6625
Ombuds for employers interacting with L&I, creating: SB 6081, SSB 6081
Payroll cards, restricting fees for employee use of: HB 2505, SHB 2505
Pregnant women, workplace accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth, when: HB 2307, ESHB 2307, HB 2404, SB 6149, ESSB 6149
Public policy, conduct promoting, protecting employees from employer retaliation for: HB 1894
Restoration of opportunity, certificates of, comprehensive provisions: HB 1553, * 2ESHB 1553, CH 81 (2016)
Retaliation and discrimination against employees, providing protections: HB 1354, SHB 1354, 2SHB 1354, SB 5569
State preemption and occupation of field of wages and hours: HB 2491
State preemption and occupation of field of wages, hours, employee retention, and leave from employment: SB 6029
Student loan repayment assistance, B&O tax credit for employers providing employees with: SB 6608
Thanksgiving day, retail or service employees working on, employer and wage requirements: HB 1694
Vacation leave, minimum paid, requiring: HB 1163
Vehicles, employees', mileage reimbursement and maintenance agreements: * HB 2356, CH 125 (2016), SB 6301, SSB 6301