Topical Index

African American parent involvement day, national, congratulating participating communities: * HR 4677 (2016)
Chemical dependency or mental treatment program, parent or guardian authority to admit minor to and keep in: HB 2958
Child support, child support schedule work group recommendations: HB 1037, SHB 1037, 2SHB 1037, SB 5389
Child support, credit toward obligations, extending to veterans benefits: HB 1260, * SB 5793, CH 124 (2015)
Child support, foreign support orders, uniform interstate family support act to include: HB 1567, SHB 1567, SB 5498, * ESSB 5498, CH 214 (2015)
Child support, gambling payment intercept program, establishing: HB 1801, SB 5388
Child support, income withholding orders, employer funds remittance by electronic means: SB 6499
Child support, mandatory for postsecondary education of adult children, prohibiting: HB 1906
Child support, noncompliance with order, driving while license suspended due to: * HB 1282, CH 149 (2015), SB 5247
Child support, noncompliance with order, license restriction or suspension by issuing agency: HB 2913
Child support, order compliance, licensees not in, notice to responsible parent: HB 2915, SB 6495
Child support, passing payments through, when: HB 1801, HB 2220, SB 5388
Child support, state registry, reporting hiring of independent contractors to: HB 1801, SB 5388
Family and juvenile court improvement program phase II, public-private initiative to fund: SHB 1734
Family and medical leave insurance, implementing: HB 1273, SHB 1273, SB 5459
Family court proceedings, appointment of guardian ad litem for a child: SB 5823, SSB 5823
Family engagement coordinators and related terms, in school context, definition and model: HB 1408, SHB 1408, * 2SHB 1408, CH 79 (2016)
Grandparents, qualified, priority placement option in dependency proceedings, when: HB 2067
Grandparents, visitation with grandchild, petitioning the court: SB 5005
Marriage, dissolution, shared residential schedule for time with child: HB 1110
Military families, children of, the 15 to 1: Jermaine Kearse Foundation, recognizing: * HR 4661 (2016)
Military families, students from, education data on: HB 1149, SHB 1149, SB 5163, * SSB 5163, CH 210 (2015)
Murder, of family member, person threatening, mental health evaluation and treatment of: HB 2283
One family one team public-private partnership, establishing for child welfare court cases: HB 1734, SHB 1734
Orders, court consultation of judicial information system before granting: HB 1617, * SHB 1617, CH 140 (2015), * HB 2371, CH 89 (2016), HB 2463, SB 6402
Parental rights amendment, urging Congress to propose to states for ratification: HJM 4003
Parental rights, termination of, court-ordered petition if parental response insufficient, when: HB 1800, SHB 1800
Paternity, genetic testing for, termination of legal responsibilities, when: HB 1524, HB 2612, SB 5006, SSB 5006, 2SSB 5006, SB 6452
Paternity, petition for modifying decree of, use of filing fee moneys: EHB 1729, SB 5631, * SSB 5631, CH 275 (2015)
Poverty, intergenerational within families, tracking system for and commission on, establishing: HB 2518, ESHB 2518
Rape of a child, in the first degree, removing marriage element: HB 2411
Relatives, visitation with child, petitioning the court: SB 6658
Reunification of families, parents for parents program, provisions: HB 1728, SHB 1728, 2SHB 1728, SB 5486, SSB 5486, * 2SSB 5486, CH 117 (2015)
Support, child and spousal, foreign support orders as part of uniform interstate family support act: HB 1567, SHB 1567, SB 5498, * ESSB 5498, CH 214 (2015)