Topical Index

Abusive work environment, subjecting employee to, as unfair labor practice: HB 2894, SB 6532
Accommodations owned by religious nonprofit organizations, antidiscrimination exemption: HB 1376
Bill of rights, academic, concerning trigger warnings, microaggressions, whistleblower protection, and discipline: HB 2488
Boards and commissions, state, gender composition report and equity standards and requirements for: SB 6517
Civil rights act, state, repealing preferential treatment prohibition and deleting act name: HB 2822
Dairy farm employees, discrimination against, violations and remedies: HB 2484, SHB 2484
DNA and anatomy, to determine use of gender-segregated facilities, Washington gender privacy protection act: HB 2782
Education system, equity impact review process work group, convening: HB 1899, SB 5718
Educational opportunity gap, oversight and accountability committee recommendations: HB 1541, SHB 1541, E2SHB 1541, 3SHB 1541, * 4SHB 1541, CH 72 (2016), SB 6192
Employees, discrimination and retaliation against, protections: HB 1354, SHB 1354, 2SHB 1354, SB 5569
Equality, justice, and fairness, Washington women's participation in action towards, commending: * SR 8738 (2016)
Executive order 9066, seventy-fourth anniversary, acknowledging: * HR 4660 (2016), * SR 8724 (2016)
Executive order 9066, seventy-third anniversary, acknowledging: * HR 4613 (2015), * SR 8617 (2015)
Gender equality, governor to prioritize when making appointments to boards, commissions, etc.: HB 2736
Gender equity, requirements for board and commission appointments by governor: SB 6517
Gender-segregated facilities, WAC 162-32-060, requiring repeal in entirety: HB 2935, SB 6443
Japanese-American World War II internees and veterans and civil rights activists, recognizing: * HR 4660 (2016), * SR 8724 (2016)
Japanese-American World War II internees and veterans, recognizing: * HR 4613 (2015), * SR 8617 (2015)
Marriage as union of one man and one union, religious beliefs and rights of conscience regarding, free exercise of: HB 2631, HB 2752
Motorcycle- or motorcycle club-related paraphernalia, profiling or otherwise discriminating based on, prohibiting: HB 2950, SB 6624
Pregnant women, workplace accommodations for pregnancy and childbirth, when: HB 2307, ESHB 2307, HB 2404, SB 6149, ESSB 6149
Profiling, the right to be free from discrimination based on, establishing as civil right: HB 2950, SB 6624
Protection of the rights of religious exercise and conscience from government discrimination act: HB 2752
Public works contractors, compliance with federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination: SB 5462
Racial and ethnic impact statements for criminal and juvenile justice systems, procedure for providing: SHB 2076
Racial and ethnic impact statements for criminal justice, human services, and education caseload bills, requirements: SSB 5752
Racial and ethnic impact statements regarding crime legislation, requirements: HB 1885, SB 5755, SSB 5755, 2SSB 5755, SB 6143, SB 6641
Racial impact statements, for bills and resolutions, procedure for providing: HB 2076, SB 5752
Religion, free speech and exercise of, by coaches and others on school grounds after sports activity, rights of: HB 3007
Reproductive health care, disparities in access to, literature review: HB 1647, SB 5574
Restroom facilities, in schools, separate by biological sex or sex assigned at birth, with gender-neutral bathroom option: HB 2941
Restrooms and similar private facilities, gender-and-genitalia-based access restrictions, entity authority: HB 2589, SB 6548, SSB 6548
Selma to Montgomery marches, fiftieth anniversary, honoring: * SR 8630 (2015)
Sex, biological, religious belief or moral conviction that it is immutable at birth, protecting: HB 2752
Sex-selection abortions, prohibiting, prenatal nondiscrimination act: SB 6612
Sexual assault and similar crimes, survivors and others on college campuses, services for: * SSB 5518, CH 92 (2015)
Sexual assault and similar crimes, survivors on higher education campuses, rights: SB 5518
Sexual harassment, including misconduct, school district policy and employee training, modifying provisions: SSB 5517
Sexual harassment, school district policy and employee training, modifying provisions: SB 5517
Sexual violence on campuses, college requirements, including assessment and disciplining: * SSB 5518, CH 92 (2015)
Transgender students, model policy and procedure, requirements for school districts concerning: SB 5526
Wages, discrimination based on sex, prohibiting: SB 6651, SB 6655
Wages, equal pay opportunity act: HB 1646, ESHB 1646, SB 5630, SB 6442